The Voice in my Head

The Voice in my Head

Over a year ago, an acquaintance asked me if there was somewhere she should be following to read my writing. She wondered if I was still sharing on any webpages or for any publications.

I jokingly responded, “Nope! Only the voice in my head. That’s the only ‘writing’ I’m doing these days.”

Har. Har.

But then in February of 2018, I realized that voice had even stopped. I had stopped mentally outlining and writing articles and posts. I was no longer editing my words and stories in my mind.

Honestly, it got really quiet. 

Silence was probably good for me in 2018 as I had a difficult pregnancy (low iron levels and a breech baby made nothing seem fun anymore…) Then, we had a baby (you forget how much work those things are…) We had friends home from Africa and I involuntarily gave up sleeping (remember that breech baby? He doesn’t really sleep…). We struggled through some horrific things with Nasko (more on that a different time) and then it was time for the holidays. 

Silence was necessary for a time.

Even a couple months ago, my friend Courtney mentioned firing her blog back up and I had NO desire to follow. I was sure that voice in my head was long gone. 

But suddenly I started hearing it again. 

It started when I was Googling something to help another adoptive family from Bulgaria. I was searching for a word we frequently said to Nasko (it translates to “gentle” which we still frequently say to Nasko). A website popped up when I searched the word; lo and behold, it was my website. 

I read through a few of the posts from Nasko’s early days in our family. I relived some of our experiences and remembered all the emotions. And the exhaustion. I vividly remembered all the exhaustion.

I remembered his quick successes and his goofy antics. I had forgotten so much and was thankful for all the stories I had typed out and shared.

The very next day, the voice in my head was back.

By noon, I had outlined four posts of things I wanted to tell you all, my readers. I had words I wanted to write down and record for the future.

The voice in my head was pushing me to revisit sharing, storytelling, and writing.

The voice in my head was encouraging me to share our lives again with all of you. 

So, in answer to the question my acquaintance asked last year – Yes. You CAN find my writing somewhere now. Right here on my blog. As long as that voice in my head and the Spirit of the Lord return to writing words on my heart, I’ll be obediently sharing them here again. And I’d love for you to read along once more.



Fear in my Heart

Fear in my Heart