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Living and Loving Where You Are

I’ve noticed lately that when I try to type “we live in Illinois,” or “we live just north of Springfield,” the auto-correct feature jumps in to help. More often than not, when I re-read my bio, I notice that the word “live” is auto-corrected to the word “love.” Typos frustrate me, so at first, I hurriedly fixed the mistake and moved on. One day though, as I re-read my post, I realized the potential truth behind this correction...

What matters is where I am showing LOVE to those around me.

The diagnosis was given during our time at the International Adoption Clinic at St. Louis Children's Hospital. I wasn't expecting a diagnosis at all. We had just come to believe that E has some mixed up insides that were a result of some birth defects. I hardly had time for my breath to be caught in my throat, as the doctor nonchalantly mentioned having arrived at a conclusion for a medical label. E's Diagnosis: VACTERL Association.