State of the Blog Address

State of the Blog Address

Today I am sharing a "State of the Blog Address," similar to the president’s State of the Union Address. 

Except with a lot less bearing on the free world. 

And only a little bit of relevance to your daily lives.

But, as I relaunch my blog after taking the summer off, I decided I wanted to share a bit of what is spinning around in my head. So here it is, my thoughts and my feelings as I begin writing again:


State of the Blog

Blogging is not what it once was.

Blogging used to be THE way to share your writing and your life with the people around you (and even the people on the other side of the planet). More recently though, there have become about a thousand ways of sharing - YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Podcasts, etc. 

Because of this overload of information, we, as a society, have become more picky about clicking out of our apps and heading over to individual websites. We read less and scroll more. Info needs to be shouted at us quickly if it stands a chance of capturing our attention. 

Not so good for the 500-750 word posts we bloggers like to perfect and share. 

While blogging seems to be evolving (and maybe even retiring) it’s still the best way for me to practice and showcase my art – my writing. 

I’m still planning to blog. 

Because I spend time crafting my words and my posts though, I also plan to share many of them AGAIN in Facebook updates or Instagram posts. 

If you read every word I publish, you may notice a bit more recycled content. If I found the words valuable enough to share once, they’re probably okay enough to share twice - especially across different platforms. 

I’m asking for your forgiveness now.


State of the Blog Address

They're my stories and my words, but God is who motivates me to share them.

The smallest thing might happen as my family is crowded into our vehicle and traveling down the road. I can see the event and know it has a deeper meaning or a fuller truth to it.

(My husband has caught on to this and usually mutters, “I feel a blog post coming on…”)

That deeper meaning, the fuller truth – that’s what the gospel has called me share. 

I am very capable of just filling your Instagram feeds with adorable pictures of my kids (don’t tempt me), but if I’m not sharing truth, light, and the gospel, I am personally failing. 

God has given me the gift and the voice; I shall not squander it.

I know the stories of my family don’t have to just offer quick smiles and little funnies, they can offer glimpses of the gospel, forgiveness, acceptance, accommodations, and love. 

Can’t we all agree the internet needs a little more of that?

While blogging may be a dying art, the gospel story never grows old. And despite many changes in online communities, I’m going to continue to write and share my heart here on my blog. 


The state of my blog is: I’m here to stay until the Lord shows me otherwise. I can’t wait to start sharing my stories again with His purpose behind them.

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