#shouttogether Against Wonderful Pistachios Offensive Ad

#shouttogether Against Wonderful Pistachios Offensive Ad

Hi Ginger -
On behalf of Wonderful Pistachios, we wanted to update you on our latest commercial to share with you and your readers. Our intent was solely to amuse, not to offend. We have already pulled the commercial until we can replace that portion. We apologize for this misstep and sincerely hope that all our customers will continue to enjoy Wonderful Pistachios now and in the future.
— Steve Bram (Public Relations for The Wonderful Company)

This wasn’t how I planned to return. 

I took the summer off from blogging. I drafted a post about all I’ve learned during my time of quiet. I intended to return with my voice barely above a whisper.

But, they’ve done it again. 

They’ve caused me to shout. 

And I’ll shout when I must because they’re mocking my son’s story.




My oldest son was born in Bulgaria and moved to an orphanage just ten days later. He spent his first three years struggling to eat; he was malnourished. He rocked and banged his head every night until sleep overtook him. He was rarely held, cuddled, or stimulated. Caregivers did not look him in the eye. 

At the age of three, my dark-skinned boy was taken to another orphanage. He was treated as a second-class citizen because of his Roma heritage. Caregivers would cook meals, dine, and THEN serve these lowly children – if there were any scraps of food left. 


shout together orphanage

From one hell to another, my son was to be transferred again, if a family had not found him. At the age of seven, if he had not been adopted, my boy would have been taken to an institution. He would have been heavily medicated – to the point of sedation. His food allotments would have caused a systematic starvation, in addition to the degeneration of his brain and all his vital organs. 

This is not speculation. This is the reality many adoptive families have experienced. 

My Nasko was one of the fortunate ones. 

His family came for him before “his orphanage left him on the doorstep of another less-accredited orphanage.” 


“Dale” – the vacant-appearing man in this commercial – his story is my son’s.

I know Wonderful Pistachios is just trying to make a buck. They’re attempting to sell bags of nuts and increase their revenue. I get it. I know they’re wanting to sell a product.

But, in order to do so, they’re making a joke at the expense of orphaned children, those with disabilities, and the oppressed. 

I wish they’d thought differently before spending $55 million on an ad campaign they thought was funny.

I shout because it's not funny.

The orphan crisis is not funny. The children who are sedated and starved within institutions are not laughing. Families who daily demonstrate unconditional love in hopes of undoing abuse and neglect, they don’t see this as a laughing matter either. 

When will advertisers learn the truth about orphans? 

When will they see that loss, trauma, suffering, and pain of innocent children is not funny?

When we raise our voices and #shouttogether. That’s when. 

I don’t find joy in creating a ruckus and starting trouble. I find joy in children walking out of orphanages for the very last time. And it’s for those children – the ones who have been given hope and new lives – it’s for them that we shout.


If you’re appalled by Wonderful Pistachios’ newest commercials, I am listing some ways you can join as we shout together. Priceline heard our cries. If we link arms to get our message across, Wonderful Pistachios will too.

Sign the petition to have the ad removed from circulation.

Visit Wonderful Pistachios Facebook Page and Clay Matthews' Facebook Page. Let them know their ad won't be tolerated by those who love the orphans. Remember to use the hashtag #shouttogether and link this post, asking them to pull the ad. You may even want to include a photo of your adopted child – the very person this ad targets.

Go to the ad's YouTube video and give it a "thumbs down." Leave a comment using the hashtag #shouttogether and link this post, asking Wonderful Pistachios to pull the ad.

Adoptive parents, post a photo on Instagram or Twitter of your adopted child. Share the value of their lives, especially now that they have a family. Use the hashtag #shouttogether, link this post, and tag @getcrackin.

Twitter users, message @getcrackin and @claymatthews52 (the endorsing football player) letting them know you believe the ad should be pulled. Use the hashtag #shouttogether and this post's tiny link: http://tinyurl.com/shouttogether

Click on one of the social media symbols at the bottom of this page to share this post, using the hashtag #shouttogether. Let your friends and family know about this fight and encourage them to join. The more of us who raise our voices together, the more Wonderful Pistachios will have to take notice.

Share this page in your adoption support groups or with other orphan-loving people. Ask them to join us as we #shouttogether.

Finally, you can find me on my blog's Facebook page. I'll be using it and this blog to follow up with any responses received from Wonderful Pistachios. 


Alone, I cannot make a difference on behalf of the orphans. With your help though, we can #shouttogether until someone takes notice.

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