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Announcing and Resolving

I’ve decided against making too many resolutions this year.

Make baby. That seems to be taking up a majority of my time and energy right now. Other resolutions aren’t getting as much of the spotlight when I’m nauseous, exhausted, and sore. I’m mostly just trying to feed my family and keep up with laundry.

But alas, I am a goal-setter by nature. I love a fresh start, a clean journal, and a new planner.

Sincerely, Overwhelmed by Paperwork

I am a fully functioning adult. 

I graduated top of my high school class. 

I have a bachelor’s degree. 

I have successfully completed the files and document necessary for two international adoptions.

But oh. my. gosh. This might do me in. This might actually finish me: 

Paper communication from my children’s school. 

I Thought I Had Lost It All

In July, as I transferred my site from one place to another (all behind the scenes – you weren’t even supposed to notice a thing), my photos and old posts from the past seven years disappeared. 

I thought I had lost it all. 

My posts have been recovered, but my heart remains changed.

Chance's Trip to Sierra Leone, Africa

In March, my husband, Chance led a missions team of four to Sierra Leone to serve. You may remember that Chance and I work full time as representatives of Lifegate in Africa.

After teaching my man how to use his iPhone camera (hello, focus?!), the team was off! Once they returned, Chance had taken hundreds of pictures, and some of them were actually pretty good!