Five Friday Faves - The Mother's Day Edition

I am SO ready to share five things that I'm loving this week. In fact, I had to work hard to narrow my list down to just five things. And this week, I am sharing five things that could all be acceptable as gifts for Mother's Day.


If you are reading this and you are a man, let's just stop for one moment.

Did your wife send you this link?

Lean in close. I have a secret for you.


Also, Mother's Day is May 14. All day. FYI.

Get to shopping.


So here's my Mother's Day suggestions this year (remember, my links don't cost you anything extra, but they help support me. I made a whopping $3.87 last month. I promise not to forget the little people):

Amope Foot File

Don't be scared. Don't run away. Our feet need loving too.

My husband bought me this right before he went on a missions trip to Africa this spring. He knew I would need some pampering, so he purchased this wet-dry foot file for me to use.

Oh, my heavens. My feet have never been more smooth.

It's almost sandal weather. It's time to love your feet again, ladies.


Along those same lines of pampering...

Surpahs Bath Pillow

I like to read in the bathtub, but seriously. Whoever designed tubs was thinking about dunking our filthy children, not leaning back with a novel.

This pillow though, it's only $11.00 and it saves my back!


If you give a mouse a cookie... If you give a mama a bath pillow, she's gonna need a new book to go with it!

Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner

I rarely read physical books, as I prefer ebooks. Friends told me I HAD to get the physical copy of this one though, and I'm so glad I did. The design and the layout are beautiful and inspiring.

Erin's story was encouraging as well. She has traveled through many seasons that women can relate to. She is a great story-teller with an appropriate view of God's involvement in her hard times. She has made it her message and platform to chase a slower pace of life – don't we all need that?


After all the pampering, I suppose there might need to be something a bit more practical...

External Battery Charger

I have attended two different women's conferences this month; one thing I shared with mamas at both conferences was my external battery charger.

We moms are on our phones quite a bit. We need to check in and keep up. But if we're away from the house for too long, our phone batteries go dead.

I love having an external battery pack. I just plug into it and stick the charger and my phone into my purse. I still have my phone with me, but it's not going dead!

This is a super practical gift for moms!


And finally, a gift that might not even cost you a dollar!

Bible Promises for Parents of Children with Special Needs

My friend Kathy McClelland is having a giveaway on her blog this week for a book called "Bible Promises for Parents of Children with Special Needs." If you are the mama of a special needs kiddo, this book sounds so encouraging. It's indexed and laid out as a reference guide, rather than a coherent story.

The book includes biblical promises for situations such as:

When you’re having trouble accepting your situation…

When you blame yourself for what has happened…

When you start to doubt that progress is possible…

When your heart breaks for your child…

Click here to enter to win one of the books Kathy is giving away (giveaway ends Sunday) or head over here to just purchase the book for five dollars!


Happy Shopping, men. I just gave you some stellar ideas for the mothers in your life. And ladies, there's nothing saying you can't just buy your own presents just in case... ahem.


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