Your Moments Defined - Will the Uprooting Make You or Break You?

This blog was not born out of a defining moment in my life or my husband’s life; It was born when we made an intentional decision to turn our tragedy into Our Moments Defined. I know many of you have done the same. Tragedy and heartache have come your way, but you’ve sought the Father and have redefined those moments.

I want to share your stories through regular guest posts. Today’s guest post is by Kelly Richards Smith You can find her blog here.

I have gotten to know Kelly through her writings in an online writing group. She is so inspirational and encouraging. I am honored to have her guest posting today.


Special needs adoption blog

Transitions are hard. When everything is upside down, we tend to cling to the familiar for comfort. When you move to a new city, everything is unfamiliar, leaving very little to comfort you.

I found myself in this scenario exactly four years ago. It wasn't as simple as saying goodbye to our dream house. We grew up in this endearing, small town. Both sides of our family lived nearby. My best friends from high school still lived in town. Their kids were my kids' best friends. We were members of a life-giving church. Our small group was our second family. I had my life just like I liked it.

My husband prayerfully decided to accept a job that would rip me up by the roots. In the months leading up to our move, I grieved. I didn't want to go. I packed boxes and mourned my old life.

Special needs adoption blog

The first weeks in our new home were filled with the busy work of unpacking and learning how to navigate the big city. Once we were settled, I picked up my sorrows again and felt their weight heavy around my shoulders. I missed our family and friends. I missed connection. I missed the sense of belonging.

In those dark days of transition, God provided. He didn't send it all at once but introduced each new blessing slowly like the portioned manna in the desert. As He provided, my brokenness was made whole.


Five Ways God Provided After My Uprooting

Special needs adoption blog


Leaving friends felt like leaving a piece of my heart. It took a while to settle into new, intimate friendships. But God provided the most amazing women to fill the holes in my heart. He didn't let me stay lonely.



We were little fish jumping into a big pond. Once the shock wore off, my family started enjoying the resources our new city provided. My kids flourished in the bigger school. Target was only ten minutes away instead of forty-five. The benefits of living in a metropolis make it hard to imagine going back to our one-red-light town.



I didn't look forward to the process of finding a new church. Each Sunday, I compared the new to the old; it was difficult for any congregation to live up to the one we left. And then it happened. After attending only a few services, my husband and I were in complete agreement that Faith Community Fellowship would be our new church family. The weekly services helped me hold onto my faith in those early months of feeling so lost. Serving within our church provided opportunities to build new relationships. The body of Christ has many parts; God provided a new part for us to join.


Financial Freedom

Moving gave us the opportunity to downsize. This freed up some money attached to the mortgage of that dream home. After our third (surprise) child arrived, we decided I could stay home with the kids now that our budget had a little wiggle room. One day, my nine-year-old daughter said, "Mama, I know why we had to move now. It was so Barrett could be born." That did it for me. If there was a hint of homesickness in my heart, it dissolved with the sweet insight from my daughter.


Renewed Commitment

God used my uprooting to draw me closer to Him. In the months after our relocation, I was lost. The only comfort I had, the only familiarity I could find, was Jesus. I spent a lot of time pouring out my heart on the pages of my journal. I dug into God's Word looking for peace. God provided an opportunity for me to lose everything that I thought made me so that I could see why I was made: to love Him and to serve Him no matter where I am planted. I needed to be knocked off my self-constructed foundation so He could set me on His firm foundation. God used these portioned provisions to bind my broken heart together. I am a stronger person because of my uprooting. I am more myself because I lost what I thought made me.

Are you in a season of transition? Does uncertainty tug and pull at your faith? In an uprooting, we can lose ourselves in the past, or allow God's provisions to propel us toward the future.


Special needs adoption blog

Kelly Smith is a small town girl who married a small town man. They have three energetic blessings. Her favorite indulgences are coffee, reading, writing, and running. Kelly believes we are created for community and loves to find ways to connect with other women who are walking in the shadow of the cross. She blogs at


Special needs adoption blog

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He's never going to look the same. He is still beautiful.

He's never going to look the same. He is still beautiful.

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