What Nasko Knows

There are a lot of things Nasko doesn't know. He may be nine, but he doesn't know all the sounds the letters make. He doesn't know how to count past twenty. He can't put things in alphabetical order or review his times tables.

But one thing my sweet boy does know is how much his parents love each other.


A few weeks ago, we were visiting a church for Chance's job. My hubby was preparing to speak to the congregation — giving them an update on Lifegate, and the work being done in Sierra Leone.

The service was quiet and calm, mostly because we had taken our two littles to the provided nursery (may God bless his nursery workers ten-fold). We stood and sat with the different songs and announcements. As is our usual when we visit churches, Chance and I placed Nasko between us.

As one song played and the congregation stood, Nasko popped up to stand. He looked intently at Chance's large fist resting on the pew in front of him. His gaze then lifted to my hand hanging by my side.

He studied both our hands for a moment. I could see the wheels turning — not always the best thing with Nasko, so I watched him out of the corner of my eye.

Finally, as the song picked up its pace, Nasko took hold of both of our hands. He held them, one in each of his hand, briefly. Then, he moved our hands together and interlaced our fingers.

Nasko made Chance and I hold hands.

There are many things Nasko doesn't know. He's unsure of who will be kind to him and who will take care of him regularly. He is always afraid he might lose those closest to him.

Photo Credit: Emily B Photography

But he knows the love his parents possess for each other.

He's seen us hold hands and knows that our fingers fit together. He knows we enjoy being together and sharing our lives with one another. He knows we like to hold hands as we experience life — sometimes gripping hard as life spins out of control around us.

Nasko doesn't know much, but he knows his parents love each other.

Photo Credit: Emily B Photography

In my opinion, he knows enough.

[Happy tenth wedding anniversary to the man whose hand I will always hold. 6/3/06]

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