Wildlife on the Farm

We've officially been on our farm for over two weeks now! We changed our moving date, and got into the house sooner than we originally planned. Yesterday we officially sold our old house to the new owners (they moved in early as well).

Our goal was to be settled before Nasko was released from the hospital.

And we did well!

Very soon, I'll begin sharing more pictures and stories about the rooms in our farmhouse. I absolutely cannot wait to show before and after pictures - but I'm trying to be patient! Many of the rooms aren't quite finished.

For today though, I'd love to share a little about all the wildlife we have experienced since moving to the country!

Now, Chance and I both grew up living in the country. We've definitely never been big-city people, but since getting married, we've always lived in town. Granted, these towns were not big — Athens only has around 2,000 people — but even in town, we still had small yards with minimal trees.

So moving to the country where there are trees and lakes and creeks has reminded us how much wildlife there really is!

Birds My boys' rooms are on the second story of our house. They have been so interested in looking out their windows and being eye-level with many of the birds in the trees.

On our second day here, we had a bird IN the house too! I was busy unpacking and missed the whole event, but my dad and our painter had to corner the bird in the dining room and attempt to shoo it out the door! We aren't sure how it got inside, so we're just praying it does not happen again!


One day last week, I walked into Chance's office to ask him a quick question, and I saw a rather peculiar sight — There was Chance wearing his dress clothes, sitting at his desk with his back to me, holding a shot gun across his lap. The window to his left was open, but he was typing away on an email.

I approached him with caution (he was holding a shot gun after all!) and inquired, "What on earth are you doing?"

"I'm about to smoke a groundhog from my office window," was his response.

Of course.

And later that night, outside the kitchen as the rest of us sat down for dinner, he did smoke that groundhog! Let that be a lesson to all the varmints who consider messing with Chance Newingham's yard.


I've already lost count of how many frogs we've seen since moving in. One night, we were getting Edward and Louis ready for bed when my cousin called everyone into Nasko's room. There was a tree frog hanging on the outside of the second-story window.

My little boys loved it. They examined the creature and talked to it. They actually told the frog they loved him and kissed him through the glass when it was time for bed. It was precious.

The next day, my same cousin was headed to the bathroom, when she noticed one of my boys had stuck green play-doh onto the toilet. She went to clean up the mess, and realized the play-doh was actually a tree frog stuck to the toilet tank!

wildlife, farmhouse living

Louis was the only child home at the time, but he was not nearly as brave without the protective glass separating him from the frog!

I found another frog this week while pulling weeds. Edward and Nasko were courageous enough to hold it, and I was dumb enough to get peed on. Nature.

FullSizeRender wildlife, farmhouse living


Chance has seen at least two snakes while mowing, but I'm still in complete denial.

Yesterday he showed the kids a snake skin he found. I am perfectly happy reasoning that the snake skin was planted on our property just to try and scare me. There are no snakes here. Obviously.

wildlife, farmhouse living


I thought someone passed out in our front yard because of the commotion Chance made when he saw two deer running by our windows.

He called his whole extended family to report the event.

Chance is, obviously, loving the country life.

Much to Chance's dismay though, Louis watched the deer out the window silently for a bit, but when they ran off, he asked when the unicorns might return again.

Uh yeah.



On the back end of the property, there is a large lake left from when the area was mined for rocks. The area has been turned into a lake. My extended family owns the lake, but we have been granted access to it. We regularly walk the property and throw rocks in the lake (I have all boys. This is apparently what boys do for fun.)

On Sunday, I spotted the cutest baby turtle swimming towards us. He obviously had no idea what he was getting himself into.

Chance scooped him up, and we all took turns holding the poor, scared little guy.


We are (mostly) enjoying the wildlife here in the country! If I see a snake, my feelings may change though...

Happy Fifth Birthday, Edward!

Happy Fifth Birthday, Edward!

This Story is my Hope

This Story is my Hope