In The Past Month...

A LOT has happened in our lives in just the past month, so I thought I should take some time to provide an update:  

  • We sold our house! Didn't know it was on the market? Me, either!

    We inherited my family's farmhouse and began construction on it last October (read about it here). We have been renovating the house from top-to-bottom, but continuing to live in our current home, five minutes away. A little over a month ago, a local realtor acquaintance called and asked if we were interested in having our house shown. She knew we would be moving eventually, and thought our house was perfect for what her clients were looking for.Oh, and could she show it to them that week?

    I quickly cleaned, and picked up, and cleaned some more. I made the realtor promise to explain our family to the potential buyers as they walked through our house (I mean, who else do you know with locks on every closet door?), and then I walked out of the house and gave to whole situation to God.

    About twelve hours later, we had accepted an offer on our house!

  • Chance went to Africa. Sierra Leone Africa orphanage Sierra Leone Africa orphanage Chance spent ten days in Africa during the month of March. He led a missions team (of all women!) to Sierra Leone to work with Lifegate.I'll have him write a post about his trip soon, but while they were there, they loved on our orphans, our missionaries, and many people throughout the villages where Lifegate works.One of my best friends from here in the U.S. joined Chance on this trip. They got to spend the week with my other best friend (who is a missionary in SL now, read her blog here.) So, my husband and my two best friends were in Africa, at the same time. And I was here.

    I might have been lonely, but thankfully, my best mom and my best cousin (those are things) came to help me with my boys during those ten days. I was so grateful for their help. Things here had become complete chaos because of Nasko's behavior, so they were not just helpful, they were absolutely necessary.

  • Nasko was hospitalized for nine, special needs IMG_3989While Chance was out of the country, Nasko's behaviors escalated to an unsafe state. I made the decision to have him hospitalized in order to tweak his medicines, and help regulate his unsafe behaviors.

    He was placed at Streamwood Behavioral Health Center up near Schaumburg, IL. He was in a wing specifically designed just for autistic children. He did very well while he was there.

    Much more on this in a later blog post.

  • Louis survived Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease.While Nasko was dealing with his medical providers, I was visiting with other medical friends concerning a weird rash Louis contracted. It then was followed with a sore throat and very itchy palms. After three doctors' appointments and some help from my non-medical friends on facebook, he finally received the Hand, Foot, and Mouth diagnosis.
  • We met our new nephew. South African adoption Nasko's hospitalization placement was near my brother and sister-in-law's house, so after Chance arrived home, we seized the opportunity to visit them and visit Nasko in the same trip.My brother and sister-in-law recently returned home from South Africa with their newly adopted son, so we all enjoyed getting to know Tisetso (otherwise known as Green Lantern). You can read more about Tisetso and his parents on his mom's blog, here.
  • Spring break began!

    Almost as soon as Nasko was discharged from the hospital, it was time for spring break. We spent five days at home, before celebrating Easter. Then, we packed everyone up and went to Florida to visit my parents in their condo for a week. You can see pictures from that trip here.

  • We are finally finishing farmhouse renovations, and get ready to MOVE! IMG_4278 IMG_4263 When we came home from Florida, it finally seemed like the finishing touches were happening out at the farmhouse! From carpet in the upstairs bedrooms to tile and cabinets in the kitchen, the house might just be ready for our move-in date (May 6! Eek!).

So, like I said, we've been a bit busy this past month! So, tell me, what on earth have you been up to?

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