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Manic Monday

I'm stealing this post idea from a blogger friend/fellow adoptive mama. She currently has 12 kids at home (all adopted, all special needs) and at least one additional kid has moved out. Despite what must be an INSANE house (she's dubbed it, Chaos Manor), she still finds the time to do regular blog updates. Many Mondays, she does a "Manic Monday" post which contains bullet points of all the things going on with her family. She just writes as thoughts pop into her head. No order to it.

Since I seem to struggle to write blog posts for each and everything I would like to share, I thought I'd do my own "Manic Monday" today in order to feel better about myself. Ahem. I mean, catch everyone up on our lives!

So here goes nothing. It's just another manic Monday. (And you're welcome for getting that song stuck in your head now.)

  • Edward has surgery scheduled for September 21. This will take place at St. Louis Children's Hospital and will reattach his tethered spinal cord to the correct place. Or something. I don't quite understand. What I did hear loud and clear though, was four days recovery in PICU, face-down, not moving, sedated. So that'll be super.
  • Nasko has been especially worked up this past week and a half. We're trying out a new discipline/attachment technique with him. I'm already seeing benefits, but he seems to be stimming more than normal. Sixteen more days until he goes back to school, not that I'm counting.
  • Nasko's imagination seems to be kicking in a little (finally). This is somewhat troublesome though, because he's never really told "stories" before. You could bank on Nasko to tell the facts of a situation (thank you, autism). Today though, he told me that the neighbor invited us for dinner. When I played along by saying, "Oh, tonight?", he responded with, "No. On Tuesday." He desperately wants to see inside this new neighbor's house (I think he's surprised she doesn't have a dog, because everyone else does - so he wants to investigate), so of course this neighbor would have us over for dinner. ;–) Gonna have to watch that kid, as if we already didn't. IMG_0554 IMG_0563 IMG_0558 IMG_0570
  • I was asked to guest post on a friend's blog this week. If you're local, you've probably heard of her blog. I won't spoil the secret, so check back later this week. Also, I'm part of a new Christian women's blog that will kick off in October. The gals putting it on are real-life publishers and editors. I've written two posts for them so far, and I've never been more nervous about my grammar in my life...
  • Louis is finally starting to come out of his shell. I still believe he'll be my (only?) introverted child, but he is becoming more social with familiar people. We've seen a lot of family over the past few weeks, and he's enjoyed teaching all of them their ABCs and the names of all his Thomas Trains. IMG_0611
  • By the way, I know everything there is to know about Thomas the Train. One day, I read all about the history of it on Wikipedia (while being forced to watch it by a certain persuasive two year old). So there's that.
  • That very persuasive two year old sang the most adorable version of Jesus Loves Me the other day. I posted this video on Facebook (why you not my friend yet?!) but it's worth re-posting for anyone who hasn't seen it.



  • Four years ago, the Reverend led a missions trip to Sierra Leone, Africa. He fell in love with the people and the mission of Lifegate while there. Six weeks later, he dragged myself and his best buddy, Tyler, back so we could see the country for ourselves. Our family planned to move there and so did Tyler and his family. Chance and I eventually realized there was a greater need for fundraising here, stateside. We also decided that special needs adoptions were our thing, and the lack of doctors in SL was not our thing (and then along came Edward!). Tyler and his family though, still realize the need for them to move to SL. Side note: Tyler's wife happens to be one of my bestest friends, so I am pretty sure my husband is to blame for my BFF moving to the other side of the planet. But anyway, Tyler, Sarah, and their three kids, are thisclose to having all the money necessary for moving there. Currently, all their possessions are en route to Sierra Leone. If you can give, I strongly urge you to support this selfless family in their final push for moving to Sierra Leone. Here is their GoFundMe page. IMG_0605
  • Chance's sister had a beautiful premie babe this summer, and our boys finally got to meet her yesterday. They all had such different reactions - Nasko was curious about her soft spot. Edward was TICKED unless he was holding her. And Louis kept saying, "Baby?! WOW!" while touching her. She was very sweet, and her mama was very gracious to allow my kids to put their grimy hands all over her. IMG_0621 Louis and Mazie IMG_0629 IMG_0636 IMG_0632
  • Nasko got to attend his first overnight church camp this summer. He and his taty went down to Montgomery Christian Service Camp a few weeks back. One little girl just thought Nasko was pretty special (he is, and come on - who can resist tall, dark, and handsome?) so she declared herself his girlfriend. She put her arm around him and held his hand any chance she could get. Chance is pretty certain she even sneaked a kiss when he was looking away. So. Good first church camp experience, yes?
  • While the big boys were at church camp, the littles and I went to my parents' house. They have a pool, so we swam our hearts out. The second day we were there, I bought water wings for the boys. Louis swam like he owned that pool and had been swimming since birth. It was hysterical.

That's about all I've got for tonight. I should probably go to bed, considering my kids like to wake up before 5:30 most days! Today was just another manic Monday. Here's hoping for a tranquil Tuesday?

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