I hate moving!

I hate moving. I've really only had to do it three times in my life, but I still hate it. Today, on the blog, is no different!

In case you missed the post this morning, Moments Defined (now Our Moments Defined) has a new home! We've packed up our possessions (you know, like all my previous posts and pictures) and transported them to the new address (www.ourmomentsdefined.com).

Now I feel like it's the evening of moving day – our helpful friends and family have left and I have no idea where my toothbrush is...

There seemed to be a few glitches in the email list sign-up. Those of you who believed that you had signed up to receive emails, can you let me know if you got one with this, "I hate moving," post? (First, be sure you have clicked "Confirm Follow" in the email that was sent to you.)

If you thought you had signed up and didn't get an email this time, please message me! We'll work together to find that proverbial, lost toothbrush!

Also, please continue sharing the blog's new address! I don't want to leave anyone behind at the old address. Thanks!

(Oh, and for those of you who only come for the pictures, here's a couple of Louis and Edward. Let's pretend they are sweetly moving on over to this new blog with us, and not that these were actually taken right before Edward shoved his little brother out of the car onto the asphalt...)


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A Little More Visitor-Friendly

A Little More Visitor-Friendly

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Our Moments Defined (Blog Re-launch and a GIVEAWAY!)