On Camping...

Last weekend, Chance and I decided it was time to torture ourselves, so we packed up the family and went camping for the first time! I mean, seriously. Camping is much like our normal living, but way more inconvenient and a ton more dirty.

Chance grew up camping (so if he were writing this post, the tone might be slightly different) and he thought our boys would love it as much as he did. What he didn't realize is that camping is a lot of work as an adult, and a lot of fun as a kid!

He prepared for a few days, and on Friday, after a meeting at Nasko's school, we set off for Grafton, IL to Pere Marquette State Park.

While we were away, I jotted a few notes about camping, and took a ton of pictures. Here are those collections:

As we drove south, Louis successfully changed his iPad app to Spanish instead of English. He thinks it is hilarious and cracks up every time a word is spoken. This could be a long trip.

On Friday night, we stopped in Grafton for supper. We used the internet to research if there were any allergy-friendly restaurants (already embracing rustic, unplugged camping, you know) and we found a place with lactose-free ice cream! Everyone was happy about this discovery!

IMG_8741IMG_8745 IMG_8765

We then drove to the cabin we had reserved. Chance grew up camping, but I can count my personal camping experiences on half a hand, so I think cabins (as opposed to tents) are going to be our thing!



Why my three year old is crying: - As soon as we arrived, he indicated that he hated the cabin. He doesn't want to "go night-night outside." - He wants to take a shower at night.  - The next morning, he doesn't want to take a shower.  - He (of course) doesn't want to take a nap.  - He doesn't want to leave. 



I was quick to set up boundaries and rope off the unsafe sections of our site. The is where Louis parked himself when I said, "You may not step on the road."


Chance did an excellent job planning and packing and preparing for this excursion. He did all the cooking as I did much of the child-chasing.


Edward LOVES helping Taty! Maybe he can do all the packing for the next trip!

IMG_8783 IMG_8795

Louis is going through a growth spurt. This was his reaction to the news that Taty only made him THREE hash brown patties, one sausage, and 1.5 eggs. Chance ended up making him two more hash browns. No joke.


Nasko thinks camping is playing your iPad in the cabin, on your bunk bed instead of in your room at home. Roughin' it in nature with that kid.

Here we are, ready to walk on a trail. We hadn't let the kids have their iPads all weekend, and they were excited to see them for the short car ride to our hiking spot. Chance and I contemplated leaving the kids in the car and hiking by ourselves...


After we finally got them out of the car...

IMG_8856 IMG_8833 IMG_8825 IMG_8818 IMG_8806

Louis is definitely his father's son, and adores camping. As soon as he woke up on Saturday, he exclaimed, "Outside?" and went on out. He then pointed out every tree, bird, and camper on the way to the bathroom.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RwUdibTzEAU?rel=0&w=420&h=315]

We really did have a great time while we were away. It was nice to be able to play with the kids and have minimal distractions. We didn't pack any toys for them to play with. They had so much fun exploring and making their own fun.

It was also nice that Chance did all the cooking. I believe we'll continue camping...


The best part of camping is when your children are all finally asleep and you have full access to the fire and the jumbo marshmallows. Chance and I were able to perfect the roasting of those suckers. Sorry you missed out, kids.



Here it looks like...

Here it looks like...