Here it looks like...

Here, it looks like being absolutely carefree. Here, it looks like only wearing the clothes that make you feel comfortable (and sometimes publicly stripping off the ones that don't).

Here, it looks like not understanding social boundaries.

Here, it looks like acting on impulses, and realizing what has happened after the fact.

Here, it looks like crying when things are very frustrating and overwhelming.

Here, it looks like not being afraid of hardly anything.

Here, it looks like dangerous obsessions.

Here, it looks like a team of people working together to provide an education.

Here, it looks like reenacting and recreating in play, rather than inventing and imagining.

Here, it looks like not caring what others think about who you are or what you like.

Here, it looks like defiance and sneaking.

Here, it looks like brown hair and brown eyes.

Here, it looks like long legs and long eyelashes.

Here, it looks like handsome.

Here, it looks like autism.

Nasko was recently given the formal label of "institutionalized autism". This form of autism is a rather new diagnosis; it is given to adopted children who exhibit autistic tendencies – not necessarily because they were born with autism, but because they were socially neglected and abused. Their behavior has been shaped negatively and their response is similar to a child with autism.

April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day. Around the world, families are sharing their personal stories of what autism looks like. The goal of this day is to increase awareness and understanding, but it is also being used to celebrate the wonderful children who happen to have a diagnosis of autism.

Here, it may look like we have been burdened with an autistic child. In reality though, we have been blessed with a child who happens to have autism. He is carefree, impulsive, crazy and emotional. But most of all, he is ours.

Here, it looks like love and acceptance.


On Camping...

On Camping...

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