This week, Edward had his surgery for removing his tonsils/adenoids and having tubes placed in his ears. We briefly debated on this surgery (I'm not a big fan of elective procedures) but considering the child could not ever breathe through his nose, this seemed pretty necessary! Overall, he has done wonderfully.

We had great staff as he was being prepared for the surgery and as he went through his early stages of recovery. Of course he had every nurse wrapped around his little finger as well!



He was pretty crabby while coming off the anesthesia, but the staff said he wasn't doing anything abnormal.


IMG_7725 IMG_7726 We only had two issues during our hospital stay (we had to stay overnight because of his medical needs) - the first occurred shortly after we were given an actual room for our stay. As soon as we arrived, the nurse (who was filling-in on the pediatric floor due to the high volume of patients) gave him a six-hour dose of both Tylenol and Motrin simultaneously. I have since learned that standard procedure is to give one, then after three hours, give the other. With this method, the patient is never without pain meds.

Apparently around five hours after being given the Tylenol and Motrin, Edward started feeling pain again. He wasn't able to clearly communicate the pain, but he saw a balloon that he wanted in the hallway, and he completely lost it. He screamed for an hour straight - until shortly after the next dose of medicine was administered. It's slightly irritating that this mistake was made, but we survived. Our friends Mike and Jeni brought us dinner, and that seemed to help calm our boy down!

The other issue during our stay was the thermostat. One nurse came in the room and asked if we were cold. She then showed us our personal thermostat and turned it up a couple degrees. By 10:30 PM, our room was 82 degrees. I had been in the room the whole time the temperature was slowly climbing, so I didn't even really notice the change. A nurse came in because I had requested she take Edward's vitals; he was sweating and felt like he had a fever.


When she came in the room, she mentioned it being warm. I didn't think much of it until she checked him and he had no fever!

The nurse then called a repairman, but Edward was ready to sleep (finally), so I told them that we'd just tough it out. I'm sure I sweat out that omelette I ate at 11:00 pm! (Breastfeeding mothers get free room service at St. John's!)

Because of the heat, and because it's the hospital, we didn't sleep too terribly well.


When the nurse came at 4:00 AM to check Edward's vitals, he woke up and said "Morning? Go home. Taty, Allen. Home." He bound out of his bed and tried to walk right out of his sauna/room in his slippers!

The nurse and I laughed, but Edward was determined. When the attending physician showed up at 5:00 AM, Edward gave him the same speech and dramatic exit about going home, so he immediately completed our paperwork and we were in the car headed home by 6:30 AM!


Edward really has been a trooper. Chance's parents and sister came to see him last night, so that helped us keep him awake until a reasonable hour (he and I slept from 8:30-12:30 in the morning!).


He was happy to sleep all night in his bed last night!

He's resisting fluids, but the surgery has not slowed down his eating much at all! He's already requiring less pain meds. I can tell he is hearing and breathing better too. Hopefully as the swelling goes down, he'll do even better!

(In this picture, he's sleeping on his belly - which he couldn't do before - and has his mouth covered while only breathing through his nose!)

IMG_7729 Thanks for all your prayers and offers of assistance during the surgery and overnight stay. God has big stuff planned for Edward (He has to. Why else would He give a little guy such a big personality?!) and this was just a slight set-back.

Also, if you've never heard of Baskets of Hope, be sure to check them out. Edward received a basket from the organization and it was literally filled with hundreds of dollars of toys and books.


These toys helped bring him out of hour of crying in pain. What a blessing!

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