Last fall, Nasko expressed quite a bit of interest in the band, Rend Collective. He watches their music videos on YouTube, and loves to dance to their songs. Chance and I looked into attending one of their concerts, and were pleased when we saw they were coming to our area in February.

Then, we received Edward's surgery date. We weren't sure how he'd recover, so we did not buy tickets ahead of time. We kept the date on our calendar, but we weren't sure we'd be able to make it.

Honestly, we debated on attending until the afternoon of the concert - last Saturday. We heard of two different people giving away a total of three tickets (the littles didn't require tickets) for free. Considering how well Edward was doing, and the fact that the concert would no longer cost us anything to attend, we knew we had to go! It ended up being sold-out.

We told Nasko what was up right before we left to head to Lincoln Christian University for the concert. My cousin Lauren met us there (and actually worked some magic to get our random tickets all together in one section).


Before the music began, Chance and Nasko ended up in the right place at the right time, and got their picture taken with the lead singer, Chris Llewellyn. (Chris was still getting ready for the concert... as you can see, he wasn't wearing any shoes!)


We brought sound-blocking headphones for the boys, but of course Louis refused to wear his!


At 7:00, it was concert time!


I am SO glad we ended up going. Nasko smiled through the whole thing. He sang along to all the songs he knew. He danced and clapped and cheered! He had such a great time.



Edward was tired, but he enjoyed his time as well. His favorite part was the moving spotlights that would shine on the ceiling.




Louis is our introvert, so he spent much of the evening snuggled into me, but he bounced and clapped through the songs that he knew. It was obvious that he recognized them!


We had a great night, and were so thankful for the gifts of the free tickets. After such a hard few months, it was a blessing to see Nasko so happy during the concert! We hit the Steak N Shake drive through on the way home for some french fries. Those made EVERYONE happy. What a fun night!

[P.S. Only two more kids need sponsored!]

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