I wish I had not seen her face...

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I have traveled all over the world, and I have met precious children in each each region.

But Africa was different and Matha was different.


She was only nine years old at the time this picture was taken, yet she was mature enough to lead the worship and singing every week for her local church.

This girl was all smiles and full of life.

On this trip, my missions team and I presented a Vacation Bible School to Matha and fifty of her friends and schoolmates.

When we finished our program, she begged me to go on a walk with her; for some reason, this little lady had taken a liking to me! As we hiked, she held my hand, and she showed me each part of her settlement, Totkeloh.

Holding Hands

She concluded the tour at her home so that she could introduce me to her family. Her shanty was small and dark, but it provided necessary protection for Matha, her parents, and her many siblings.

I savored every moment of this intimate experience with this friendly, young child, but I knew that it was about to end. The team and I would soon be heading back to our camp for the night, and I knew that I had to tell this sweet girl goodbye. We hugged. I told her that God loved her, and we parted ways.


Honestly, I didn’t think I would ever see her again.

We live half a world apart. There are many children in her village – even on my short-term trips there, it was unlikely that she would be a child I'd encounter again. I've thought of her village often, but I never expected to see her again.

This past week, I did see Matha again though. I saw those familiar eyes, and this time, instead of making me smile, they pierced my soul.

I saw her again, but now, I wish it had not happened.

I wish I had not seen her face...

I did not see Matha in her village or near her home. I did not see her leading a crowd of believers in worship to our King. I did not see her running, or playing, or laughing, or smiling. I did not see her chasing her siblings or attending a Vacation Bible School.

I saw her in a list of orphans.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.40.41 PM

I saw her photo and it accompanied a cry for help. Matha's mother, Kadie, and father, Joseph, are gone. Her foster parents, Papa and Fatmata, have been taking care of her since she lost her parents, but they cannot continue.

Matha is in need of dresses, rice, schoolbooks, and bedding. Matha needs appropriate care, and someone to continue teaching her the Gospel.

Not only has Matha lost her parents, she's lost basic necessities.

She's lost hope, and she's lost her smile.

Sadly Matha was not the only child on the list. There are others. Each child has a story. Each child has lost their parents, and each child deserves hope and a future.

We currently have nine orphans who are waiting to get in the doors of Lifegate Children’s Home. We want to help them, but we cannot responsibly let them in until they have sponsors.

Matha's photo pierced my soul. Maybe one of these children will affect you:

Alpha Smith Alpha+Smith+in+JPEG

Alpha was born in 2003. Even though he’s not smiling here, it’s easy to imagine that when he does smile, it will light up a room!

Daniel Smith Daniel+Smith.png

Daniel is seven years old and suffers from epilepsy. Daniel looks mischievous, ornery, and fun. We cannot wait to give him the freedom to be a typical seven-year-old boy.

Fatmata Kamara Fatmata Kamara

Fatmata was born in 2010 in a small settlement called Brigette Village. Her eyes suggest that she’s probably gentle and shy. Can you imagine the heartache this sweet baby has already witnessed with those eyes?

Hassan Kamara Hassan Kamara

Hassan is eleven years old and also lives in Brigette Village. Hassan looks like he’s a hard worker. His spirit must be determined to have made it this far, and we hope to be given the opportunity to develop that spirit as he matures.

Isha Kabia ISHA

Isha was born in 2003 in Brigette Village. It appears that Isha has style. Who else could pull of blue earrings, a pink head wrap, and a pink necklace? What a sweetheart!

John Kamara John Kamara

John is ten years old and he’s from a village near Brigette called Kissi Town. While John may look somber, with the right care, I'm sure his true personality will shine through!

Julina Kamara Julina Kamara

Julina Kamara was born in Waterloo and is five years old. Julina appears independent and strong.

Kona Kamara Kona Kamara

Kona is eleven years old and was born Kissi Town Peninsula. She looks like she’d have a sweet and gentle nature.

Lahai Mesie Lahai Mesie

Lahai was born in a village called Hango. He is 11 years old and he looks like he’s ready for whatever life throws at him.

At Lifegate, any orphan that comes through our doors gets the food, clothing, medicine and education that he/she needs. We would love to bring all of these children (and more!) in to take care of them, but we need your help. A full sponsorship for one child is $60 a month, and a partial sponsorship is $30 a month.

That's not a lot, really. It's barely anything when we realize that it will completely change the world for each of these children.

Let us not love with words and thoughts, but also with our hands and feet as well.

If you would like to change the future for one of these little boys or girls, please click here.

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