Christmas Decorations and Lights from 2014

Here at the Newingham house, we LOVE Christmas! IMG_6845


I thought I would share some of our Christmas decorations in this post!



As you remember from my last post, we had a real tree in our living room that was supposed to have my nicer decorations on it. In addition though, I wanted a place to hang our more personal and homemade ornaments, so we put a tree in the dining room/homeschool space.

All of the boys really enjoyed decorating "their" tree this year.



Nasko has a much better attention span this year, so he did well with wanting to hang all the ornaments until the task was done. I let the boys decorate the tree with freedom, and did not move any of the ornaments when they finished. They were so proud of their tree! (And the chaos actually did not kill me. Victory for Mama.)





Because of my deep hatred for winter, I get very into decorating at Christmastime. (Because, if it's going to be cold, it may as well feel all warm and twinkly inside!)

Here are the other decorations around our house:



This was the artificial tree we bought used. We loved it! It did not give anyone facial rashes. Reason #348 to love an artificial tree...

After having such a large, obtrusive tree that caused Mama to shriek, "Don't touch that poisonous thing!!!!", the toddlers mostly left the artificial tree alone.



The kitchen.


Our new chalkboard wall outside the kitchen.



The bookshelf in the living room and two smaller trees. The smallest tree contained the ornaments Chance and I bought together our first Christmas. The larger one had an entire set of nativity ornaments that were cross-stitched by my grandmother.



On instagram, a very talented friend from church was doing a giveaway of some of her Christmas artwork. I actually won! So I enjoyed filling picture frames with her beautiful work. (Her Etsy page is here.)





My aunt made this silly, little tree a few years back. It is the only decoration in my house with glitter on it. That is how much I love my aunt (and the tree).


Since our family has grown so much, I had to buy new stockings this year. These chevron pretties were made by men and women in India being trained in the profession of sewing.

(Please ignore the drywall repairs. Those were painted over before we hosted our families!)



My Willow Tree nativity set made its appearance on the very top of our bookshelf.


I did mention all the toddlers living here, yes?!

I love Christmas. It's not only wonderful because of the insane amount of lights I use to decorate our living room and kitchen (this year, over 460 feet. Yeah, that happened.), but I also love it because it's such a great time to focus on the humanity of our God. This year, our children were able to grasp the idea of a baby being born, so we really enjoyed focusing on the Christmas story.


My mom needlepointed this nativity for our kids last year. She even had to make us a second manger when that piece went missing this year (I found it later).



I kept this nativity set at child-height and encouraged the boys to play with it throughout the season.


Despite my love of the twinkling physical lights (like, extreme love), this season was so important in reminding us about the light of Christ who lives within us!

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