Louis' Personality and Shenanigans

I may not take the time to write about Louis as often as I write about my Europeans, but that does not mean he has any less personality! Louis is a full-blown toddler, so that, combined with his ornery but EXTREMELY laid-back demeanor get him into many comical situations. And as the mother of such a toddler, I have no shortage of photos of Louis in these moments. I didn't want to keep all the fun to myself, so I thought I'd share them, and his personality, with you!

IMG_4853Louis spends about half of his life upside down.


IMG_5039His go-with-the-flow nature proved helpful when we spent a month in [EEC]. For example, that one time when he soaked through all his clothes right before the Fourth of July party at the US Embassy. We pieced together a hoodie, a disposable diaper, and some baby leggings and called it an outfit. As you can see, it didn't bother him too much!


IMG_5051Louis loves to participate in anything we are doing, or especially what his brothers are doing! He legitimately thinks he is being helpful (mostly, he is not). He is offended if you point out his lack of helpfulness.


IMG_5183We're so thankful that he adapts well to new situations (like sleeping in the back of a taxi in Europe).


IMG_5332 He is a typical kid though - he loves chocolate!


IMGP6553Again, half of his life is upside down...


IMG_5427...and at least a quarter of it is spent in this position. He's not sleeping, he's just feeling the carpet. He regularly stops (mostly in public) to feel the floor in this way!


IMG_2526Louis is such a happy guy (as long as I'm around... he's a bit of a mama's boy).


IMG_5718And, he's a very good eater.




IMG_6052Louis has THE BEST sense of humor. Seriously, the slightest things crack him up. Once he starts laughing, it's tough to get him to stop!


IMG_6272He always has to have SOMETHING in his left hand. He's been this way since shortly after he could hold toys independently. His favorite things to carry are pencils, toothbrushes, and spoons. In this picture, you'll notice that he even sleeps with his favorite objects!



IMG_6594Even for a baby, this kid is totally self-absorbed. During this particular meal, he realized he could see his own reflection in a spoon. This caused for 10+ minutes of him talking to the baby in the spoon and not eating ANY of his dinner.

IMG_5886Louis' most recent shenanigans include climbing to places he should not be. Like on top of my desk. (He is saying, "Wh-uht?" in this picture. Like it is a totally ordinary thing for him to be touching my computer screen.)

IMG_5890Sometimes I kid myself and think I can outsmart him (by moving the chair away from the desk), but he still manages to find himself in predicaments. He was throwing a fit that he could no longer climb onto the desk. His fits are pathetic and match his laid-back demeanor, thankfully.

IMG_5895This is his favorite way to say, "All-done!" He just quietly stands up in his highchair and waits to be noticed. Again, like, "What's the big deal?"





IMG_6158 Sometimes he just assumes that Taty needs help with work. Taty really doesn't...

IMG_6178Louis was the last one to finish lunch one day when Chance had turned on Sesame Street. Louis, apparently, couldn't see his beloved Elmo from his high chair (bottom left of photo) so he climbed onto the table to quietly finish his lunch!




IMG_6454This picture may not look like one of Louis' shenanigans, but considering I did not put him in that high chair, it technically is...



Last, but certainly not least, is Louis' latest shenanigan. On Saturday, Nasko wanted to take a bath "all by myself", meaning no baby brothers allowed. This was obviously not a plan that Louis agreed with, so he helped himself into the tub - fully-clothed. He apparently saw nothing wrong with this behavior, and stayed in the tub for 20 minutes after this picture was taken.


Hopefully these pictures showcase some of Louis' personality for you all! He is truly the sweetest, funniest, and most laid-back toddler that I've ever met!


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