The proper amount of time after our most recent court date has passed, so, without further ado... World, meet Edward Ray Newingham.


Edward has been adopted from Latvia and is now a member of our family. He is our middle son, but has been with us for the shortest amount of time.


His biological mother named him Eduards, so we chose to legally change it to the American version of Edward. His middle name is a middle name that has been shared by multiple people in Chance's family, including Edward's maternal great-grandfather, Ned.


Edward is a spit-fire who is full of personality and spunk, and we are so blessed to call him our son.

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You'd better watch out. This one here is a world-changer!



Welcome to our family, Edward Ray!

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 [Photos taken and memories captured by Denney Photography]

We Are Family, We Love.

Long Hair