Failing a College Course

As you may have noticed, I recently updated the appearance of the blog and chose a new "theme" for my homepage. While I was messing around on the Wordpress site, I noticed that they were offering a free, 30-day 101 course on blogging. I've been blogging for almost four years now, but I knew there would be some suggestions or techniques that would be helpful, so I went ahead and signed up for the "introductory-level class". Everyday for a month, an email came to my inbox labeled "Blogging 101". Everyday, there were new ideas of what to write, ways to increase my views, and new techniques for becoming a better blogger.

One of the main suggestions this course had to offer was that every blogger should determine how often he or she would write every week. I was to pick a schedule and STICK TO IT. About a month ago, I determined it would be awesome to write three blog posts every week and publish them on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

And then one of my children peed on the carpet (true story) and reminded me of my reality.

So, during the 30-day course of Blogging 101, I wrote and published ONE blog post. (Please. Hold your applause.)

I do believe I failed "Blogging 101"; I have officially failed my first college course.

As a former high school valedictorian who graduated with a 4.0, this fact is hard to swallow. I have failed.

But, I must take into consideration the purpose of this blog, Moments Defined:

I didn't start sharing moments of my life to become famous. I don't write because I have deadlines. I started writing because I realized that even the boring and mundane times are defining moments. They are the moments that come together to become my life. If I don't recall, remember, and reflect with these moments in mind, I'll miss some of the most important and life-changing things that have happened. Even if a moment doesn't seem defining at the time that it takes place, there is often some element of that moment that will change drastically just a few months down the road (for example: E's speech, Nasko's cognitive abilities, Louis' height).

I write to reflect and remember.

On days when Nasko moves like molasses to complete his school work or his chores, I re-read the posts from his first week at home. I remember how far we have come, and how different he is now.

When I think about the fact that Louis is almost 18 months old, I gaze at the pictures that were posted with his birth story. I wonder if the new mama in those pictures had any idea what a sweet soul he was going to be.

Sometimes I even find myself going waaaay back and remembering more of who I was before I had so many little ones depending on me.

While I may have failed my blogging course and I will never (ever) be able to stick to a three-posts-per-week schedule, I think I have succeeded (and will continue to succeed) at forever capturing the defining moments in my life.

It just so happens that those defining moments look like a toddler removing his diaper and peeing on my bedroom carpet these days...

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