For part of Nasko's schooling, I thought it would be good to start practicing the art of conversation - specifically answering questions. We'll start with simple questions that have memorizable answers, and then move on to the more complex questions (like, what is your favorite _____...)


We started yesterday and without prompting, here's how Nasko answered his first set of questions:


What is TATY'S name? Taty

What is MAMA'S name? Mama

Do you go to SCHOOL? Yes. Ride the bus. Miss Linda's bus. Go to school. [I was going for "School at home with Mama," not what he did two years ago!]

Do you have SISTERS? No.

How OLD are you? All done seven? [I was going for eight!]

What is your NAME? Nasko

Do you have BROTHERS? Yes. E. Louis.

How ARE you today? Eight. [Much to work on with this one.]

Do you have a PET? Yes. Allen.

When is your birthday? I don't know.

Where do you live? Nasko's house. [Umm. True, I guess!]

Well, we have our work cut out for us, but he did better than I had expected!

Two Months with E!