It has become an 11-year tradition for Chance and me to spend Labor Day weekend with my family in my hometown of Kewanee, IL. Eleven years ago, I took Chance home with me before we were even dating. This year, we celebrated seven years of marriage and the adoption of a third son! A lot has changed! Some things that haven't changed though – Kewanee was once the Hog Capital of the World (boasting more hogs than people for many years). There are no longer any hogs, that I know of, but there's still a big celebration every Labor Day. My mom (and many others in town) go crazy for this holiday by decorating with pigs, making cookies or cakes shaped like pigs, buying Hog Days shirts, etc.

We had a great Hog Days weekend. It's nice having this under-celebrated holiday as a family tradition!

IMG_2591 Diado (my dad) obviously enjoyed having us all in town!

photo 1We enjoyed using Diado's pool!

photo 4It took E a little coaxing to get in, but he liked being pulled around on the raft.

IMGP6781 Downtown Kewanee has a festival with the typical rides and food (but with the addition of pork chop sandwiches, of course!).

IMGP6780 The kids (big and little) enjoyed the rides.


photo 1

photo 2Chance had to play a little skee-ball!

photo 3

photo 2I don't get to psyched up about rides these days, but I did tolerate the carousel once!

photo 3Chance developed a fever and was out-of-comission for part of the weekend, but thankfully my sister-in-law jumped in to help!

photo 4Louis LOVED the ride!

IMGP6776 IMGP6772 Louis also loved all of Baba's cooking...

IMG_2595...and being the source of entertainment!

IMG_2596Nasko's birthday is this week, and we've been too busy for our typical, big party at our house, so we decided to take the party to our Labor Day get-together. One day during nap, I decorated for an airplane-themed party.






IMG_2608I also brought along the beginnings of Nasko's halloween costume; he'll be a pilot. He enjoyed dressing the part for his birthday party.


IMG_0039The paparazzi was present at this party, obviously!




IMGP6788Heidi's birthday is also coming up, so she had her dreams come true by celebrating at an airplane-themed party as well.


IMG_2617Nasko received an awesome Playmobile airplane as a present, but it was in 164 pieces and required assembly!

IMG_2618My brother, Brian, and my dad were up to the challenge, thankfully. Brian is a graphic designer, and my dad taught high school math and science. I think they determined they process things differently enough that they couldn't work together. No problem though, because there was also a control tower, plane taxi, and stewardess cart to assemble!

IMG_2620The next morning, in keeping with the airplane theme, we attended the local Fly-In Breakfast. It's held at Kewanee's airport and there are little planes and a helicopter to see.

IMG_2627Nasko insisted on wearing his pilot costume. I think he was secretly hoping no one would notice he was a kid, and he'd be allowed to pilot one of the planes.

IMG_2628No such luck, sadly.




IMG_2638We had a great weekend with family! Happy Hog Days, everyone!



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