Today, I'd like to brag on my kids for a moment. I'll start by sharing two videos that demonstrate what smart little dudes I have living under my roof.


In the first one, Nasko practices his flashcards. He has almost (!!!) mastered 20 of the 26 capital letters. He also knows a visual signing cue for each of the letters (If you watch for them, he does E's and D's). These will help us as he moves on to letter sounds soon.


He is ROCKING this!


The next video is of Louis and me. Louis LOVES to read. His new favorite book just happens to be one of my all-time favorite children's books (funny how that works). In this video, I am reading "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus". Louis is ornery though, and repeatedly allows the pigeon to drive the bus...


(Don't mind my overly dramatic nature. I spend my days with children...)


Since I can't post a video of his cuteness yet, I wanted to brag on E too - he has learned to verbalize and sign "thank you." He is seriously the most polite child I know. "Thank you" can be a rather abstract concept, but he always uses it appropriately. In fact, he gets frustrated that it's not a skill that Louis has mastered, so E typically says and signs it for him!


Happy Hog Days!