When we had been home from Africa for a month, I reported that I'd been spending much of my time dealing with "dirty laundry, homeschooling, sickness, grocery shopping, playdates, warmer weather, colder weather, cooking, getting rid of training wheels, learning to talk (x2), horseback riding lessons and becoming mobile enough to touch EVERYTHING." Not so much of that is different from this past month after our trip to [Eastern European Country] except add in calling insurance companies, multiple appointments at the chiropractor, a trip to St. Louis for doctor's appointments, Mama AND Taty both getting sick, soccer practice and now being mobile enough to CLIMB on top of everything!

We've seen much of our extended family - some multiple times. We've laid down for 30 naptimes and 30 bedtimes (these are not a fun time with E) and we've changed more than 425 diapers (half of which were nasty - we're now collecting some of that nastiness for the lab to run tests!).

Is it any wonder we are all sleeping well?!

Chance and I typically fall asleep shortly after the boys' 8:00 bedtime. It's not worth staying awake to watch TV! We need energy to get up and do it all again the next day!

As I reflect on this past month, there are a few things we've had to change (grocery shopping every week instead of twice monthly and diaper laundry every other day rather than twice weekly), but overall, adding E to our family has not been as big of a change as I had originally pictured.

(That does not mean we are preparing to adopt again or trying to conceive. Three boys in three years is enough to keep me busy for a while...)

E has a very happy, easy-going demeanor most of the time, so he has aligned with our routines well. He is beginning to anticipate that baths are right after supper and the dreaded naptime follows lunch. He does have a feisty attitude and throws some award-winning fits, but they're nothing we can't handle/ignore.

Overall, I believe I can report that we are adjusting well to one another. We're settling in to life as a family of five!

Medical Sample of Poop

One Month with E