At Steak'N'Shake while eating lunch today, a server asked Nasko his name. Nasko answered her, and then turned his conversation to me - Nasko: Mama! Lincoln shirt! [points to the server]

Mama: Lincoln shirt? What?

Nasko: Lincoln shirt. [points to his neck]

Mama: Oh! She's wearing a bow tie. Yes. Just like Abraham Lincoln used to wear.

Nasko: Bow tie?

Mama: Yes. The tie around her neck is called a bow tie. Do you like it?

Nasko: Yes

Mama: Maybe you need a bow tie to wear! That would be handsome!

Nasko: Yes! Nasko wear. Mama, [can I] ask her?

[to the server] Nasko please borrow bow tie?

Mama: No, no. You can't wear HER bow tie. We'd have to buy you your own. Her bow tie is part of her uniform.

Nasko: UNICORN?! Bow tie unicorn?!

Mama: No, wait. Not unicorn, uniform! Part of her outfit. See? Like all the other servers. They are wearing bow ties, white shirts, aprons, and black pants. It's their "server outfit". Their uniform. Do you understand?

Nasko: Yes.

Mama: Ok, now eat your French fries.

Nasko: Ok... Unicorn bow tie? Please? Buy it?

Mama: [long sigh]

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