Life Hacks in the USA


While we were in Europe, I wrote a couple posts (one and two) containing life hacks. We had to be creative as we were far away from the convenience of Wal-mart and Amazon Prime. Since coming home, I wondered if we had any life hacks here in the USA though. My list is much shorter, but Chance and I still came up with a few to share.

IMG_2578 Connected to our kitchen is a small deck. Sometimes (all the time) when I am cooking, the babies are underfoot, and I have to get creative to entertain them. Chance came up with the idea of putting a "gate" on our deck so that they could go outside, but still be contained close by. He used a piece of plywood and screwed it to the deck posts.

IMG_2579  I was buying expensive razors at Wal-mart, and then never changing the blade because, well, they are expensive. A few months ago, Chance joined the Dollar Shave Club for Men. He paid the initial cost of a razor, and then $1 per month and the company sends him five new blades every month. Every week of the month, he was changing his blade and getting a smooth shave.

I started to wonder if there was a Dollar Shave Club for Women. (There isn't.) So one day, I got looking at Chance's razors, and realized there was no reason I couldn't use them on my legs and armpits (except that Chance wouldn't appreciate putting it back on his face the next day). So, I asked Chance to add me to his shave club plan. He now pays $2 per month and gets enough blades for both of us! It's cheap and I get to change my blades weekly.

(FYI, the baking soda and apple cider vinegar in my shower aren't life hacks, they're how I wash my hair.)

IMG_2580 Also in the shower, we were looking to buy hooks for our loofahs, but realized that our shower curtain hooks worked for hanging them!

IMG_2582 This is what happens when you have two toddlers who can't sleep independently. We took one side off of each crib and used a clamp underneath to keep it butted up to the queen-sized bed.

(This is the first time I've made my bed in months. Just for you all. You're welcome.)

IMG_2584 This is the most embarrassing life hack of them all. In fact, I took it down before snapping the previous photo of our mega-bed, but Chance insisted I include it.

The Reverend and I have been sleeping with a pillow between us since shortly after Louis was born. It's attached to our headboard using a thin piece of wood and grip clamps. Chance NEEDS* a fan blowing directly on his face in order to sleep. I need nothing of the sort and actually hate when the fan blows my hair around while I'm sleeping. I usually remedy this marital difference by pulling some of the sheets over my head. But since Louis now ends up in bed with me (lazy breastfeeder here), I can no longer cover my face (or his) with a blanket or sheet. Chance's fan was driving me crazy, so I told him that he had to come up with a solution, or sleep elsewhere. Considering one of his suggestions was bunk beds, I decided a pillow separating us wasn't so bad.

*"NEED" is debatable. Once, in college, he told a hotel that it was a medical condition so they'd rush him a fan. He has since repented.IMG_2586 You might remember this motorized toy car. Nasko has since moved on to riding his bike, but E spotted the car in our garage recently. He was itching to drive it, but his height and physical disabilities kept him from being able to reach the pedal. Chance rewired the car and used an old light switch to make it "handicap accessible". E can now get in, flip the switch, and the car moves by itself. He is delighted! I, on the other hand, now have a damaged rose bush because of this life hack and E's inability to steer.


As you can tell, we (ok, mostly Chance) are still pretty creative with life hacks here in the states, I guess!


Happy Hog Days!

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