[We are home and attempting to regain order and a schedule. We WILL dominate jet lag... just not today. And when someone isn't sleeping, they are probably on the phone with some government-run organization attempting to figure out how to add E to our insurance plan... I'm going to use a few posts to wrap up a few things from our trip.] Nasko was very, very homesick while we were in Europe. He would constantly talk about things from back home - especially his oversized, stuffed dog, True, who he sleeps with every night.

My parents came to join us in [EEC] the final week we were there. Chance and I begged them to bring True. My mom and dad worked together on journalling and documenting the way they were able to help Nasko with his homesickness -

Merry Ann Malcolm wrote:

When I asked Ginger what they wanted us to bring to help life go more smoothly, I said, "Just don't ask me to bring True (Nasko's huge stuffed dog, definitely a favorite).  Well, she asked us to bring True -- in one of those vacuum sealed bags so he was much smaller.

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She had told Nasko we were bringing him a surprise and he WAS surprised.  He had been guessing toy camper since he and Diado spend time looking at/playing with their campers whenever they are together.  Even when we pulled the bag from the suitcase, he had no idea what it was.  However, once he recognized True, he was ecstatic -- laughing, smiling, hugging him!

Here's a video of Nasko receiving True after my parents arrived. He was SO happy!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwFDP7Yj10c&w=560&h=315]

Having True (and my parents) seemed to help alleviate Nasko's homesickness somewhat! And my parents agree - it was worth lugging that big dog around the planet to see Nasko so happy!

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