I did a post last week of all the "creative" ways we've adapted to spending a month overseas, and I wanted to update since we've come up with a few more!

20140711-163927-59967681.jpg I used masking tape to keep the littles from turning on the bidet (which has too much water pressure and sprays right onto the floor). Because, really, you can only say, "Louis, stop rinsing the toothbrushes in the bidet" so many times everyday.

20140711-164349-60229530.jpg The apartment did not come with child safety locks, of course, so we invented our own! We started with just rolling a towel and pushing it through the handles, but it was no match for our kids. Tying the towel in a knot did the trick though!


There's no clothes dryer or outdoor clothesline here, and I only brought two bibs for messy meals (I didn't think E was going to be Louis' size, you might remember!) so we need these suckers to dry quickly. Chance figured out that we could shut the window on one sleeve, and have dry bibs in time for the next meal!

(I have no picture, but I do have a life hacking fail: We use a bathmat under Louis' high chair to make clean up a bit easier. One night, it was especially caked with food. I brought it to our kitchen window to shake off the contents. There's only a roof below, and I knew the scraps would be eaten by birds - no problem, right? Well, Chance had doubled up on the towels that night and I shook one all the way down four stories... I probably should have emailed the landlord, but I was too embarrassed!)

20140711-165238-60758176.jpg Here's one of those reused milk jugs again! Chance bought me flowers, and I had the perfect vase for them!

20140711-165345-60825120.jpg At home, I used a glass jar for grease. Here, those jars are precious for leftovers, so I lined a coffee cup with foil to hold the hot grease from the beef I browned. (At least we think it was beef; it may have been pork.)

20140711-165613-60973293.jpg I saved the rubber bands from last night's asparagus because I just KNEW we'd come up with a use for them! This morning, Nasko wanted his goat to wear a leash (who wouldn't?) but the collar needed some alterations. Rubber bands to the rescue!

I thought we'd mastered it all last week when I posted life hacks, but apparently not, so I may have even more by the time we fly home in nine days!

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