Our adoption agency emailed me on Thursday asking a very innocent question - "How's it going?" Here was my response, because I thought some of you might be interested too:

I was having a slight emotional breakdown when you sent this, and I knew I shouldn't respond until I had a better perspective! I'm better now, so here's what's up:

Things are good. I'm ready to go home though. [City Name] is a fun city and I would have LOVED it with just Chance, but it's a difficult place to go with children. (Think: no one smiles even when your adorable babies wave at them. Or most restaurants have no high chairs. A few have one - but we need two! Or I can't eat anything that has touched gluten, and a chef tonight refused to cook my "special order" sandwich without a bun - but not until we had gotten drinks and waited quite a while with hungry kids, so we had to leave the restaurant and start over at a new one!)

My oldest is having a hard time regulating here, so his behavior is obsessive and impulsive. He's honestly doing the best he can with the circumstances, but when you know he can do way better (at home) it's frustrating as a parent.

But! But! Only seven more days!

And my parents arrive tomorrow.

And I've resolved that Satan will not steal my joy (because that's what he wants... He's not happy that E now has a future and hope!)

E is wonderful though. He's your typical, opinionated three-year-old who can't communicate because of a language barrier and speech delay - so loooots of screeching. We're working on using sign language though, and when he remembers to sign and not screech, he is SO proud of himself. His smile is worth all the hard stuff!

He's started giving lots of kisses and he has become comfortable enough to pick on our youngest - I think that's a good sign!

He has really bonded with Chance, and seems to enjoy being Chance's buddy!

So, things are good. :) But things will be even better when we get home.

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