Dear Residents of Flat 28, Would you mind turning down your music? I know that it is still light outside (when isn't it here?) but my babies are trying to sleep.

My seven year old was an absolute angel all day. He controlled himself perfectly during six hours in the car (we avoided some traffic, so the ride was a bit shorter than anticipated!). He obeyed when we asked him to sit quietly through orphan court (except when there was a puppy outside and he wanted to pet it, but he worked through those tears). He even handled waiting at E's orphanage while I was briefed on E's daily medication regimen.

Residents of Flat 28, don't you agree, that mature little boy deserves uninterrupted sleep tonight?

My husband could also use some rest. He made the director of the orphan court cry today. That woman approves hundreds of adoptions every year, but his answer touched her heart in a new way today. Her question could have been perceived as rude when she asked why we would consider a second special needs adoption, but without hesitation my husband responded with the tenderness that is sharing the gift of the gospel; he quoted Psalm 68:5-6 - "[He is the] Father to the fatherless... God places the lonely in families." He then told her that we adopt because we too were adopted - by our Heavenly Father.

Chance's answer caused a pause in the meeting as we all watched the director pull a Kleenex from her drawer to wipe her eyes.

Residents of Flat 28, my husband, an earthly representation of that Heavenly Father, has earned a quiet night of rest, don't you agree?

Also, my 13 month old (today!) could use a break. He's cutting his molars, but despite his pain, he was so compliant today as he was confined to a very small space. He melted the hearts of everyone with whom he came into contact, and he barely fussed when things didn't go his way.

Tonight he has just had a small sampling of the fact that he's going to have to share his mama even more now, and he needs a good night's sleep to prepare for this life change.

Won't you turn your music down for him?

Or how about the tiny three year old sleeping in the crib next to my bed? He quietly refused to let sleep overcome him for almost two hours because every time he'd begin to close his eyes, he'd panic and wonder if I had left his bedside. His past's pain and fear is unspoken and unknown, but it is soon to be replaced with love and hope.

Also, he has an entire new world to explore tomorrow, so let's not keep him awake tonight. He's going to need his strength in order to keep up with his new brothers and to make up for the time he lost being confined to an institution.

And lastly, residents of Flat 28, I beg you to turn down the music on my behalf. I'm trying to enjoy the stillness of my first night as the mother to three incredible young boys. All too soon they will grow to be young men, and I desire every moment of reflection and prayer that I am given. Your loud music is distracting me from that duty.

Signed, The happiest mom in the world tonight (despite the fact that you are playing that same annoying song over and over again. Please stop. For real. Like now. Please?)

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