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I haven't been able to keep up with journaling daily, but I don't want to forget how we spent our time here in [EEC]. This post will document a semi-typical day for us using pictures and brief descriptions. These pictures have not been edited (except one). Heck, most aren't even in focus... A day in the life!



I wake up to hear the thud, thud, thud of Nasko's feet on the bare wood floor.

Louis and I are greeted by Nasko saying, "Good morning! How you sleep?" [That's how they ask in Krio - in Sierra Leone, Africa]


Chance and E wake up. [They are sleeping in their own room. E doesn't want to sleep alone and I can't sleep through E's snoring.]



The boys all meet in the living room to look out the window.



I remember that it is our first social worker visit today, and I begin cleaning like a mad woman.IMG_5215

Chance and Nasko pull up our YouTube Worship Music playlist.  It helps keep everyone's spirits lifted while we are here (and totally out of routine).IMG_5216

Louis opts for some early morning Sesame Street.IMG_5217

I start making a laundry pile for our itty bitty washer.IMG_5218


Chance tells me to open the window because there is a beautiful breeze today. He is right!IMG_5219

Chance joins me in cleaning, but as he bends down to clean under the couch, he's all-of-a-sudden got a passenger!IMG_5220


I gathered all our water bottles to wash them out. They've been a lifesaver here as it is sometimes difficult to find "still" water at restaurants. [People here prefer sparkling water. Bleh.]IMG_5221


Nasko asks for chocolate cereal. He already had a donut. [Only healthy foods on this trip, obviously.]IMG_5222


After getting the apartment completely clean, I decided it was time for a shower. Well, because, this.IMG_5224


I attempted to take a shower alone, but someone kept whining outside the door. So, instead, I took a shower with this view.IMG_5225


I attempt to take a selfie demonstrating that I look much better than I did before a shower.IMG_5226 IMG_5227 IMG_5228


I realize I am horrible at taking selfies.IMG_5229


I brush my teeth with this view.IMG_5230 IMG_5231


Chance finished some work and started a movie on Netflix. He only gets four minutes into the movie.IMG_5232

Nasko attempts to master an airport game.IMG_5233


I tell Louis to go pick out a book while Taty showers. This is the face he makes.



We read "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands."



We read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."IMG_5236

Nasko moves closer to listen, but pretends he isn't.IMG_5237


E joins us for "Up, Up, Down."IMG_5238


E would rather go outside, so he gets his shoes.IMG_5241


We read "Llama, Llama Red Pajama."IMG_5242


We start getting ready to go outside. Nasko asks to bring his toy goat. He wants to put his leash on it. Together, Taty and I make the collar small enough for the goat.IMG_5244


I nurse Louis.



We make the long descent down.


Chance runs down the steps while holding E. E thinks it is hilarious. IMG_5250


Chance gets the double stroller from the basement storage room and we put the littles in it.IMG_5251


We are walking and looking for a gluten-free bakery that is supposed located just two blocks from our apartment.IMG_5252 IMG_5253


We find it!

Mama buys tons of pastries and gluten free pizza for lunch.IMG_5255


E begins throwing a fit as we unload back at the apartment. We're not sure why, but it has to be bad - he refuses to eat anything. IMG_5256


I sing "Oh How I Love Jesus" to him while looking out the window, and he finally calms down.




Everyone eats leftovers for lunch.IMG_5258

Except Mama who bought pizza.IMG_5259


The social worker and translator arrive. I don't get to finish my pizza.

We discuss how E is doing, any concerns we have, and strategies for getting him to wear his brace and glasses. IMG_5260


Chance reads "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to the littles while I try to answer questions.IMG_5261


I finally return to my pizza.IMG_5263


We put the boys down for naps, and I nurse Louis.IMG_5264


After EVERYONE wakes from naps and has a snack, we head back outside. We are exploring with the general goal of finding a fresh food market that the translator told us about. [Spoiler alert, we never make it that far!]




We are still walking and not halfway there yet, I'm sure. I'm walking off these three pieces of pizza I ate for lunch.IMG_5267


We stop in at our favorite park. There is a flea market of sorts that is taking place there this week. IMG_5270


We follow our ears to a stage with a sign reading "World Choir Competition." We listen to a couple of the choirs perform.IMG_5273


As we continue walking, we happen upon a choir from Atlanta, GA. They were very talented! Nasko attempts to chase an injured pigeon the entire time we are watching this group.IMG_5274


Back out on the street, I spot Freedom Monument for the first time.IMG_5275


We enter into a part of the Old Town that we had not been to before. We had apparently only been on the outskirts and had missed the main touristy part. IMG_5277


By this time we are hungry for anything, and decide to eat at Rockabilly's. IMG_5278 IMG_5279 IMG_5280


Nasko tries calamari and doesn't care too much for it until I show him a picture of squid on my iPhone, and he eats a bunch of it.IMG_5281


My pork kabob arrives.IMG_5282


Chance torments everyone at the table with his crawfish. I wonder why I have agreed to living with all boys.IMG_5283


Nasko is startled, but intrigued, by a local street performer.IMG_5284


We give Nasko and the little boys the "go ahead" to chase some pigeons. This is Nasko's favorite pastime here.IMG_5285 IMG_5286 IMG_5287 IMG_5288


Nasko can't seem to calm down, even after a bathroom break, so we hire a bicycle taxi to take us back to our apartment. This turns out to be the best decision we made all day.IMG_5289 IMG_5293


We drive back by Freedom Monument.IMG_5294 IMG_5295


We return up the five flights of stairs to our apartment.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.10.22 PM




After this, we hurry to do medicine, diaper changes, and bedtimes. While working on this post, Chance and I witness a bar fight outside our apartment and watch the police arrive and chase suspects.

This, my friends, has been a day in the life. [Is it any wonder I am exhausted?!]

How's it going?

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