What's for Lunch?

June 30, 2014As I looked back through today's photos, I realized that almost all of them contained food! Apparently we were busy eating today!

All of Chance's sleep yesterday caught up with him this morning, so he woke up about the time I finally fell asleep - 3:00 AM - and did some work, watched Netflix, ate some breakfast, etc. Nasko woke up around 9:30 while Louis and I (normally early birds) opted to sleep until 11:00.

I think our bodies are getting somewhat acclimated, so I am very thankful we came a couple days before we picked up E. This has given us time to adjust to the time change and learn a little bit of the culture before anyone required anything from us!

Since I slept through breakfast, we started our day with a very European lunch.

20140629-204702-74822766.jpg Chance and I made our ingredients into sandwiches (Remember those overweight suitcases? One of them contained a bunch of gluten free food for me. I had my sandwich on Udi's bread!)

After lunch, Nasko decided to take a nap, so Chance and I spent our time getting organized and getting cleaned up. Louis fought the idea of a nap (he did JUST wake up!) so he spent his time playing. His absolute favorite place in the apartment is this window:

20140629-205029-75029796.jpg When Nasko woke up, we loaded up with necessities and headed out the door. We needed to buy a cheap cell phone (to remain in contact with our attorney) and find somewhere to eat dinner. After some reading, I decided we should head to the Origo Mall.

We contemplated using public transportation, but chickened out (it's supposedly pretty easy) and decided to walk six(ish) blocks to the central station and mall.

20140629-205603-75363918.jpg While walking through town, Nasko spied a dancing donut and was attracted to him like a mouse to cheese. He giggled the whole time he was near the donut.

20140629-205824-75504293.jpg We went into the shop, but they had sold out of everything Nasko would have liked, so we promised to return another day.

As we rounded the corner near the mall, we found McDonalds!

20140629-205932-75572832.jpg We're not anywhere near homesick enough for that yet, so we kept walking. Even Nasko knew what it was, just because of those Golden Arches!

We made it to the mall!


20140629-210217-75737077.jpg While there, we were able to activate a cheap phone, buy stuffed puppies for Nasko, and window shop in hundreds of stores - making note of what might come in handy later.

We also decided to eat at an Asian restaurant called Gan Bei.


20140629-210443-75883125.jpg Louis took a nap on Mama's back during our mall tour, so he was rambunctious after dinner. Can you spot him in this panoramic shot outside the mall?


On the way back to Flat 31, we made a quick stop at our grocery store for more water and pastries (Chance swears they taste horrible, but I'm pretty sure it's just to help me in my jealousy, because they seem to disappear rapidly!)

We spent some time playing tonight, and Alex came by to hook up a hot water heater (the one for the whole building is having maintenance done, and won't be in working order tomorrow.)


20140629-211045-76245676.jpg It was good to get out and become more oriented today. Tomorrow (almost exactly twelve hours from now, actually) we will leave our flat to go to E's orphanage in order to meet him for the very first time. I can't even begin to describe how I'm feeling about that at this point!

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