I can hardly form a complete thought, let alone a full blog post, so I'm going to do one containing some of the things that are rapid firing through my brain today: 1. We have nine days until we board a plane to go to E's birth country (more on that in a different blog post, if I can sit still long enough to write it).

2. Nasko is still catching up from a week of VBS in Kewanee and a week of Junior High church camp in the Carlinville area.


We put him on "house arrest" for three days following camp so that he might relax and feel calm. Yesterday, he was allowed out again - only to go to the chiropractor's office, twenty minutes away - and he sobbed in the backseat the whole way home, claiming he wanted to fly on an airplane to New York. Yeah. He could not understand why we refused to stop and drop him off at the airport. (In the midst of his crying, I couldn't understand why either...)

3. After supper last night, there were more tears, as Nasko cried and cried because he doesn't own a golf cart (two of our neighbors have them). I attempted to explain "jealousy" and "contentment," but I think my emotions lesson fell on deaf, exhausted ears. Thankfully he slept in until 7:15 today.

4. After stalking the author of a blog written about an adoption from [Eastern European Country], I made contact with her through Facebook. She mentioned that their adoption finalized over three years ago (so her knowledge might be out-of-date), but wanted to know if I was in the [EEC] Facebook group? Why, no. I didn't know such a thing existed!

5. Just because of the previously mentioned Facebook group, I've found at least three other American families traveling to get their kids at the same time that we will be there!

6. I also learned of an in-country place to rent high chairs, strollers, car seats, and pack-n-plays. They'll deliver directly to our door. Genius.

7. In addition, I made contact with two different people who have adopted from E's baby house. Facebook for the win!

8. To maintain consistency during our crazy summer of travel, we decided to continue on with homeschooling Nasko through the summer. He and I started a new curriculum this summer and are entirely focused on pre-reading skills. I need to write another full post about this, but that kid is ROCKING it with school this summer. Many homeschool moms say this, but I think that last year was our year of laying the foundation. This year, some real progress might be made!

9. Louis has hit the I'm-going-to-shriek-at-the-top-of-my-lungs stage. He's not actually mad or necessarily wanting anything, he's just shrieking. So that's fun.

10. I have a whole summer reading list that I would like to tackle, but I have children; the list is moving very slowly. "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," "Llama Llama Hoppity Hop," and "Bo and Ms. Beanz" have been read 1,000,000 times already, on the other hand.

11. Between camp last week, and leaving for [EEC] in nine days, we had to fit in 7 appointments - dog groomer, haircut for Mama, 12-month doctor appointment for Louis, Nasko's counseling, Nasko's Occupational Therapy, Nasko's Speech therapy, chiropractor. I doubt we'll be sitting around looking for things to do before it's time to leave...

12. I have pulled out all of the boys clothes that have ever been given/loaned to us, and I am trying to reorganize them before E comes home. Currently, that looks like an entire bedroom full of clothes sorted into heaping piles and random cardboard boxes scattered throughout my living room (and maybe my yard... Nasko was attempting to "help.")


13. Frostbite Shaved Ice (the snow cone stand that Chance opened in order to help fund higher education for the orphans in Africa) has seen a 50% increase in sales this year over last year. YES! The secret, addictive ingredients are working... :–D Unfortunately they are working on me too. Now I want a medium mango-peach.


14. If you ever wondered if Almond Milk could go bad - yes, yes it can. It doesn't curdle the way cow's milk does, but it gains a little kick that makes you want to vomit. For your information. I must admit, groceries have been a little "off" because of all our traveling this summer.

15. I have a bajillion and one things left on my to-do list, and none of them are being accomplished at this second. Must go change that...




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