Sleeping In Flat 31

Sunday, June 29, 2014Today was the day for catching up on our sleep. Here's how the sleeping went down:

Saturday 6:00 PM Louis and Nasko asleep

7:00 PM Chance and Ginger asleep

Sunday 1:00 AM Ginger awake

1:30 AM Louis awake

3:30 AM Chance awake (because tired Ginger said, "Your turn!")

4:00 AM Ginger asleep Nasko awake

6:00 AM Chance and Nasko asleep Ginger awake (to nurse)

6:30 AM Ginger and Louis asleep

12:30 PM Chance, Ginger, Nasko, and Louis awake (to eat lunch)

3:00 PM Louis and Chance asleep

6:00 PM Louis and Chance awake

(If you got out of that the fact that Chance sleeps more than anyone else, you nailed it. He has been having sinus issues today.)

I got some things done around here - finished unpacking, figured out the dishwasher, and mastered the washing machine (with the help of multiple European friends in my online babywearing group).

Nasko and I spent quite a bit of our afternoon talking with my cousin Lauren (it is her birthday!) and my aunt Nancy over FaceTime. Nasko asked to see their dog, so he spent most of the time observing her while I talked to our family!

We had meatless spaghetti and frozen peas for lunch along with a couple Oreos. For supper we got adventurous and walked a couple blocks (in the rain) to a restaurant called "Lido". Chance had "chicken casserole" which was potatoes, chicken and peppers baked together with cheese on top. I had a skewer of spiced chicken served on a vegetable rice. Nasko had some of my chicken and a plate of French fries. Not thinking, I told the server that he would want ketchup on them. The ketchup here is thicker and much sweeter. Nasko tried it, but then chose to eat around it.

At the grocery store we bought more water, ice, meat, cheese, bread, oranges, snow peas, and sausage. Sausage appears to be a big deal here, so I'm going to attempt to cook this with our breakfast tomorrow. We also picked up a donut (betcha can't guess who that's for!) and some chocolate that we used to eat while we were in Bulgaria.

While in the grocery store, we bumped into our landlord, Alex. Considering we only know two people in this country so far (landlord and van driver), you'd think the odds of seeing someone we know might be rather slim... Come to find out, he lives in this building! He gave us a couple food pointers and shared his email address with me. He promised to send the link and address to the pool where he takes his kids swimming.

We then came home, put away groceries, made popcorn, FaceTimed Chance's sisters (who happened to be with his dad), and played with toys. Both boys started acting tired around 9:30, finally, so we tucked them into bed!

Tomorrow's job is to explore (if it's not raining) and purchase and activate a local cell phone.

I took a few photos of the apartment so you can see our accommodations. It is very nice and seems to be perfect for us. I found out about this apartment through a blogger who wrote about spending a few months in [EEC] while on holiday from her job in the UK. I emailed her with my questions, and she was very kind to respond and give great recommendations.

Here is "Flat 31":

20140628-225300-82380572.jpg Right inside the door is a coat rack and a shoe rack.

20140628-225359-82439470.jpg To the left of the shoe rack is the entrance to Nasko's bedroom.

20140628-225445-82485737.jpg I managed to fit all three boys' clothes into a cabinet in Nasko's room.


20140628-225627-82587220.jpg Next up is the living/dining room. I considered cleaning it up for these photos, but toys-strewn-about is my life, so I didn't!


20140628-225849-82729827.jpg Off of the living room is what we are using as a spare bedroom. There's no dryer here, so we have clothes hanging on a drying rack. We're also storing things like our double stroller in this room!

20140628-230135-82895965.jpg Back through the living room and into the hallway is our bathroom. The boys enjoyed playing in the tub this morning, and Louis figured out how to turn on the bidet and walk around carrying the toilet brush. Needless to say, the bathroom door usually stays shut!


20140628-230339-83019390.jpg Next down the hall is the kitchen and breakfast nook. Most European apartments don't have all these amenities, but ours included an oven, almost full-sized fridge, a dishwasher, and a microwave.

20140628-230817-83297585.jpg The final bedroom is our master bedroom.


20140628-230856-83336485.jpg We have tons of space for our things, and we've even created a changing table out of a desk!

20140628-231033-83433641.jpg The only downside to the apartment is the five flights of stairs we have to climb, but with the right perspective (it's great exercise) and a high-energy kid (Nasko) the stairs aren't so bad!

What's for Lunch?

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