Next Year's Birthday

Today a birthday is taking place on the other side of the world. A little boy is waking up and being greeted by workers and friends. I wonder if they even remember it's his third birthday. Possibly though, there are so many kids in the institution that special days are forgotten.

I question whether or not anyone will give him an extra hug today to let him know he is loved.

I wonder if his biological mother will call the orphanage (as she has been occasionally known to do) to tell him that she is thinking of him.

Will he receive a cake or maybe even a small toy?

Will anyone light three candles for him to blow out?

I wonder how his birthday be spent today.

Something I don't have to question or wonder or ponder though, is the fact that this is his last birthday without a forever family.

Next year at this time, E will have a birthday party of his own.

I know what that birthday will look like - it will be filled with laughter, family, friends, and food!

He'll receive gifts chosen especially for him. He will be able to choose the menu or the place that we should eat.

He'll be tickled, hugged, and squeezed until he can hardly handle it. He'll be set apart as a child of God. He'll be celebrated. He'll be valued. He will be treasured. He will be loved.

Happy third birthday, E. We're celebrating you and thinking of you today, but we can't wait to celebrate WITH you next year, and for all the rest of your years after that.


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