Africa Trip - April 5

(Sorry for the brief pause in journalling. On Sunday, I got pretty sick. As my symptoms progressed, more and more of them were aligning with Malaria, and we got a little nervous! We finally got the lab results back and I'm feeling much better. I've never been so happy to be just "normal sick" as opposed to "malaria sick." Nothing's easy when the mama is sick though, so I feel like we are just now getting caught up!) (Speaking of caught up, are you?! Here are posts one, two, three, four, and five from our trip to Sierra Leone, Africa.)

Saturday, April 5, 10:00 AM

We're waiting. This seems to be a common African pastime. I'm not so sure I'm good at it. I'd be better at it if I didn't have small children, I think.

At least as we wait today, we are waiting at the beach. It's a different beach from the one we had visited before. This one is busier and not quite as clean. It also has lots stray dogs. Eh.

We're supposed to be gathering with the children of CROH today. That's why we are waiting.

IMG_2318 IMG_2324 IMG_2328

Frank, the director of CROH, helped us organize a "Beach Day!" for the kids. This beach day has a purpose other than just getting wet though - it's to help with a major transition taking place at CROH.

About a month ago, the director of an orphanage located in Freetown contacted Rick. She was from the UK and suddenly needed to return there, meaning she could no longer care for the children in her orphan home. She asked if Rick and Frank might be able to help the children, otherwise they'd need to be released to the streets. Rick, Chance, and Frank worked with her and her staff and agreed to take on the kids from her orphanage.

Beach Day was a day to bring all the children together from both homes. It would serve as a time for the orphans to all get to know one another.

Frank promised Rick that all the children (the kids from the city and the CROH kids) would arrive separately, but all around 11:00 AM.

12:30 PM

After major snafus with both drivers and who knows what else, Rick had to go retrieve the CROH kids in his personal van. It's technically an 8-passenger van, but somehow 21 people crammed into that thing!

(How on earth I don't have a picture of that, I don't know...)

12:45 PM

Frank and the new kiddos have finally arrived as well.

11:00, eh Frank?


Beach Day can begin!

IMG_2335 IMG_5840





(Joseph, catching a wave!)






(Kadiatu with Na-Na - Victoria's daughter)

IMG_5828 IMG_5826 IMG_5825



Chance and Rick (with the help of Moses) took some time to meet with the kids in order to inform them of the upcoming changes - moving from the city of Waterloo to the village of Briggitte and doubling the orphanage in size!

The kids were allowed to ask questions and voice their thoughts. They did great, and were honestly pretty excited about the changes.


Then there was still time for more swimming!



The staff of the other orphanage organized what is possibly the largest game of Duck, Duck, Goose EVER!



The kids had such a great time.

Here's a picture of what will soon be ALL the kids of CROH:




(And yes, Davey was naked for all of beach day. The nakedness isn't shocking in African culture with young children, so he repeatedly came up to Chance and with different poses saying "Snap me, Chance!" which is the Krio way of saying "Take my picture." Chance faked taking every one of those photos! Little Davey doesn't know what kind of trouble those pictures could cause here in the states! Ha! Oh, to be so carefree...)

(Stay tuned. Hopefully the next entry won't take me so long to do!)




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