World, we're at it again! [Big Announcement]

Homestudy, dossier, I-800a, immigration, fingerprinting, and travel expenses. Most people go their entire lives not even knowing or understanding those words to the fullest.

Reactive Attachment Disorder, Institutionalized Autism, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, physical limitations, immune disorders, and over-all developmental delays.

Again, words that many families never muddle through, see in medical reports, google, or pray over.

Blessing, wanted, anticipated, prayed over, and long-awaited.  

These are the words we dwell on here, in our home.

And those are the words we'll use to describe our third son.

That's right folks... The Newinghams are at it again!

(Don't look at my belly... I'm skinnier than I was in high school, and I'm enjoying that for the time being!)

We're adopting again!

(It's ok... you can call us crazy... We call ourselves crazy...)

We've been matched with a little guy for a while, but we were waiting until one of the major steps of the adoption process had been accomplished before we shared this news with the world.  And, it is finished, so here it is... "World, we're at it again!"

This little man is from a country that is VERY strict about the information that is shared publicly, so I can't say too much, but here's what I can say -

1. It's a boy!

We're adopting another boy.  When I originally showed the Reverend the file, Chance said, "He looks perfect... now only if he were a girl..."  He's since gotten over that.  I'm just happy that I'll maintain my title of "Queen of the Castle."

2. He's 2 and a half.

His birthday is May 19th, so his third birthday should be the last birthday he spends in an orphanage.

3. His name is E_______.

We aren't allowed to share his name on social media or blog sites until his adoption is finalized.  He has a very European name that is close in pronunciation and spelling to an English name, so we are tweaking it ever-so-slightly and using that as his new name.  His name will begin with E, so just as we referred to Nasko as "N" for months, we'll refer to E in the same way.  (Not to say I won't mess up and type his name once in a while... if you catch it sometime, please message me so I can make the correction.)  If you are privy to his full name (in other words, if you live in a sixty-mile radius of my mother or Chance's mother) please don't use it on public sites.

4. He's from an Eastern-Euorpean country.

E is not from the same country that Nasko was adopted from (that would be too easy), but he's from the same region.  That region is also the area of the world that is being affected by the protests in the Ukraine and the threats of Russia.  Please be in prayer for our child's country and the region in which he lives.

5. He has special needs.

As we told some of our church camp students last year - don't we all?!

E's special needs are more physical in nature though.  He PROBABLY has hip dysplasia (which means I'll PROBABLY have to learn to spell it).  His hip socket and leg bone seem to not be in the proper area (in relation to one another), which is also causing his spine to curve and one of his legs to be shorter. This can be mostly corrected with surgery and physical therapy.  And casts.  Heavy, obtrusive casts.  (I'm already excited about that part, if you can't tell.)

You may remember that the Reverend and I used to keep a little man named Joel rather frequently on the weekends.  Joel had hip dysplasia.  Because of our involvement in his life, we know quite a bit about which doctors to use (and not use) and what treatments will look like.

E also has astigmatism (another one to learn to spell) so he wears glasses all the time.  Nasko may or may not be most excited about this fact... I'm just excited because they are ridiculously adorable.

Another special need is that E has a speech delay.  When I read that in his file, I said to myself, "Of course he does.  Bring it on."  Don't worry.  We'll have him talking in no time... Although, he'll have to wait his turn because of his two "non-verbal" brothers.  (Louis, nine months, imitated the word "Thanks" this morning, and Nasko's current favorite phrase is "Absolutely, yes."  Non-verbal, my foot.)

E has a few other nitty-gritty medical details, but those are the main issues we'll be dealing with on a daily basis.

6. We HOPE to have him home this summer.

When we started the adoption process again (from scratch because all of Nasko's paperwork was expired or too old.  Gag me...) Chance and I reminded each other that adoption timelines are like construction contractor bids - you should always double their estimates.

We've already seen this to be true as one person mentioned that we'd have him home by his third birthday; I don't see that happening at this point, but I'm shooting for July or August.  There's always some snafu in paperwork or a random European holiday causing delays.

We have a completed and approved home study, however, so we're trucking right along. Next we'll send off some paperwork to immigration, get fingerprints done, and send our dossier to Eastern Europe for translation.  I'll write more about the process in a different post though.

For now, we just wanted to let the world know "We're at it again!" and pave the way for our mothers to be able to show pictures to EVERYONE they meet.

Please join us in praying for little E as he becomes a member of our family.

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