Adoption Day (Observed)!

This is going to be a post full of pictures; you'll feel like you were with us on "Yes Day 2014"! Our day began by waking Nasko up "early" (ten minutes before his alarm was to go off).  He loves to wake up early, so that was his first request of the day.

Then, we took Nasko to Casey's for not one, but TWO donuts.


Next, we drove to the sporting goods store, Scheels, in Springfield.  Nasko has been there before.  He loves everything about it, so he frequently asks to go there, but we rarely get to.

Actually, "Scheels" is regularly included in his nighttime prayers, along with all the babies he's ever met.  It is near and dear to his heart.


By himself, Nasko chose to wear his "Bulgaria" shirt.  Seemed fitting for today!

Nasko and Chance rode the Ferris Wheel together.  It's not so much Mama's cup of tea, so I was happy to stay behind with Louis.


We arrived at Scheels when they opened at 9:00 (that's what happens when you wake up "early").  There were no other customers interested in riding the Ferris Wheel at that hour...

Nasko wants to love this ride, but in reality, he's a bit scared.  Chance ended up asking the operator to stop the ride early.


Louis and I watched the big boys!


Another reason that Nasko loves Scheels is because of these animotronic characters.

He's not sure about them, so he tries to touch them and figure them out - despite the sign that says "No Touching."  Oh, the things that amuse this child...

IMG_1831 IMG_1832

Nasko wanted to "take it home" this boat.  We reminded him that our pool isn't that big.


You may notice that this display also has a sign that says, "No Touching."



I thought this would be a good day for lots of photos.


My boys were, of course, thrilled!


Louis enjoyed watching the fish in the aquariums near the entrance of Scheels.

IMG_1845  IMG_1847

Watching the fish required too much standing still, so we took Nasko to bowl upstairs!


His form leaves much to be desired... we aren't going to discuss his left foot in this next photo...


After bowling, Nasko asked to go to the mall.  He loves riding in the "mall cars" there.


Louis fell asleep on the car ride from Scheels to the mall.


Adoption Day is exhausting...

but awesome!


Since Chance was holding Louis this time, Mama had to ride the carousel.



I elected NOT to sit in the spinning car with him though. (My mom learned that the hard way.)


Following the carosoul, this is how I found Louis and Chance:


I told you it was an exhausting day!

I was a bit dizzy following the ride.  My Bulgarian, however, was fine!  He started doing some dancing:


Crack me up...

While I was getting un-dizzy, I thought it would be a good time to snap a quick picture with Nasko.  I asked him to sit by me, and this is what he did:


He's 7, going on, 17...


What a turkey...


Mama wins...

IMG_1869 IMG_1870 IMG_1874

Chance snapped two good pictures, and then the moment was over...


Thankfully this one will still pose with me!


Louis woke up in time to watch Nasko ride the train through the mall.  I was ready to leave by that point, but Nasko pulled the "Yes Day" card on me.  He said, "Ride train?"  I said, "No, buddy.  Let's go eat lunch."  His response: "Nasko Yes Day.  Ride train?  Yes."

So, he rode the train...

THEN it was time to go eat.


We ate lunch at Nasko's favorite restaurant, Steak 'N Shake.  (He mentioned eating lobster at Red Lobster, but Chance showed him that we had coupons for Steak 'N Shake.  Thankfully Nasko didn't pull the "Yes Day" card on that one... Expensive taste, that child...)



We finished our day by stopping at Sams.  It wasn't on Nasko's list (although flying on an airplane and visiting the children's museum in Bloomington were – another day!) Eating supper tonight was on MY list though, so we had to stop and get a few groceries!

I do believe Nasko had a great day!  He's been napping for over two hours now... We successfully wore him out too!

Happy Adoption Day (Observed) Nasko!  We're thankful for you and exhausted by you - what a great combination!

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Happy Adoption Day!