Wardrobe Malfunctions

Today, the Reverend presented to a group of college students. He covered the biblical view of orphans and challenged the listener with ways to respond to the cry of orphans worldwide. Our whole family attended, as adoption was discussed, and, well, Nasko serves as a pretty great visual aide.

As we entered the college campus, Nasko was acting funny about taking off his coat. I mentioned it to him, and quickly realized that on a seven-degree day in February, my Bulgarian was wearing only a sleeveless, white, a-line tank.

Now, mind you, he left the house wearing a sweater over this "undershirt," but evidently removed it during the car ride to town.

The car was parked too far away to retrieve the sweater, so we left him in his tank top, and Chance's visual aide quickly turned into a demonstration of "how not to parent."

Chance completed his presentation and we returned home for nap and home school.

At one point in the afternoon, Chance emerged from his office, and asked me to help proofread a document. As I read through it, something about his shirt caught my attention. It was the same yellow, thermal shirt he wore during his presentation, but it looked... well, off...

Upon further investigation, I realized that my husband - you know, a professional authority on orphans - was wearing his shirt backwards. He had worn it like that all day.

So, today when the college students weren't busy looking at my Bulgarian's naked, brown arms, hopefully they weren't questioning the shoulder seams on Chance's backwards shirt.

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