Louis is 8 Months!

Happy eight-month birthday, Louis-man!  Where on earth is the time going?! (Wah...)20140203-131451.jpg

This month, Louis can:

- go from his belly to sitting upright

- almost (ALMOST) crawl

- rest on his hands and tip-toes

- say "hi" and "woof" 

- practically eat corn-on-the-cob with his eight teeth

- wave

- clap his hands

-bang toys together


(I couldn't narrow down the cuteness this month, so there are a few extra pictures this time.  I knew that my mom wouldn't mind...)



Louis likes:

- playing independently on the floor

- touching Nasko's iPad and Mama's iPhone (he IS his father's child)

- food

- drinking from a cup

- our dog, Allen



Louis dislikes:

- men with beards

- toys (or iPhones) being taken away from him

- walking his walker into a corner and getting stuck


It seems like this past month, Louis went from being a baby, to practically being a grown man. He is now mobile. (Just yesterday, I said to Chance, "How on earth did he get across the living room so fast?!") I have mixed feelings about the fact that he will probably be proficiently crawling within the next week. Nasko also has mixed feelings, as his iPad is no longer safe...

Louis said his first word this past month. Despite my attempts at making "Mama" his first utterance, Chance and I were surprised when he started saying "Woof!" to the dog. He seems to be trying really hard to say "Allen" as well. Maybe the dog would like to start getting up with Louis in the night, since they are such buddies... (I may be a bit jealous.)

Speaking of the middle of the night, I believe that Louis has reverse-cycled. He doesn't actually wake up in the night, but he desires to eat every 1-2 hours from 7:00 p.m. - 6:30 a.m.  So... he might not be awake, but I am!  During the day, he can go 4+ hours without eating or needing calories, so I know it is possible for him to go longer stretches without eating - now just to train him to do it when I want him to!


Other than a little too much quality time at night, we sure do love our snuggly, affectionate boy!


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