The B's Of Getting Better

When Louis woke up with a fever eight days ago, I started to panic a little bit. As a mother, I've really never had a sick kid before (thank you, Nasko's orphanage immune system). I've never had a helpless, little, sick babe in my house.

After giving Louis some ibuprofen in the middle of Saturday night, last week, I fell into bed and remembered three of the seven B's of attachment parenting — breastfeeding, babywearing, and bed sharing. I just knew that doing those things would help us all survive this illness.

While I did regularly practice those three B's, I also seemed to come up with a few additional B's of my own.

The B's Of Getting Better:


I recently learned that when mothers kiss their babies, they take in the bacteria from their illnesses. The mothers' bodies then make antibodies to fight off these germs. The antibodies are then passed on to the infant through breast milk. I now understand why it's so important to continue breastfeeding through a baby's illness.


Not only could I somewhat keep up with laundry while Louis was on my back, he was able to sleep well in the upright position.


Bed Sharing

I mostly let Louis sleep with me this week, as I knew that my body temperature would help regulate his. Also, I knew the importance of my sleep, so I realized keeping him close was the best way for both of us to get rest!



Between a couple instances of puking, tons of snot, feverish sweating, and dangerously high temperatures, it seemed like Louis had two baths every day that he was sick!


Booster Seat

When Louis wasn't sleeping with me, he was sleeping in his brand new carseat. He received a convertible carseat for Christmas. (Hello 97th percentile for height. Most kids don't outgrow their seats in six months, apparently.) We put Louis' carseat into his crib. The seat kept him propped upright, which kept him from coughing as much. We had to put a blanket into the seat though, otherwise the transfer from our arms to the seat would wake him up!


Burning Up

Louis' fever kept going up and up and up on Monday and Tuesday. At one point Tuesday, our temporal scan thermometer read 105.3 degrees.

Blood Draw

Because we could not seem to lower Louis' temperature by giving him the recommended dosage of ibuprofen, we decided to take our little family to the ER on New Year's Eve. While there, Louis had an X-ray, blood draw, and a full exam. Nasko got to see a stab victim attempt to dress his wound with a bath towel. Happy New Year?



Louis' blood test came back positive for Influenza A.


In the ER, we were introduced to Tylenol in suppository form. Considering Louis was throwing up the oral ibuprofen, these suppositories were gifts from heaven.

And that's all I'm going to say about that...


I literally held Louis for four days straight. Until we went to the ER, we were unable to manage his fevers, and he was absolutely miserable. He wanted to be held and rocked constantly. He tried to sleep, but it was very shallow sleep, so he could not be put down. Chance was great about holding Louis while working or whenever I needed a break.


Break Down

I'm not really sure how pro-active this was in helping Louis feel better, but it happened regardless. Wednesday night, Louis' schedule was completely off, and he was still awake at 1:30 am. He was so chipper and just wanted to play with toys. I feared that I was getting sick, and therefore life as we knew it was about to change, and I could no longer take it; I just wanted to sleep! Chance walked into the living room and found me crying in the fetal position.

Ten minutes later, Louis fell asleep for the night. Maybe it did aide in his recovery...


On Thursday, my mother arrived. She came bearing desserts for everyone (gluten-free s'mores brownies for me, leftover Christmas cookies for Chance and Kit Kats for Nasko). I had shown signs of also getting sick, so my mom brought spiced tea too. Everyone felt better when Baba arrived.


On Thursday we also learned that Louis' x-rays had come back stating "pre-pneumonia". Combine that with the nasty cough he had developed, and our doctor decided it was time to phone in some medicine.


Nasko was amazing through this whole experience. This seems to have been the week in which appropriate, independent play has clicked with him. He's been a trooper all week. I was especially impressed with his behavior when we kept him out until 1:30 on New Year's Eve.

This picture was taken as we waited for Louis' meds in CVS at 1:00 am.


That ambulance now lives with us. Ahem.


We were so thankful when our best friends offered to keep Nasko for a few hours one night. Chance took a nap and I chose to veg out. The break was much needed. And Nasko came home with sparkly toe nails. What more could we ask for?


The moment we shared that Louis was sick, we had tons of messages, notes, and phone calls from friends and family. Thank you so much for your willingness to bless our family by helping out or praying. We are so blessed.

Today, Louis has gone 24 hours without Tylenol. I really do believe that he is finally getting better!

Louis is 7 Months!

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