Louis is 7 Months!

Happy seven month birthday, little Louie!


This month, Louis can:

- roll easily from belly to back and back to belly

- sit up without support for extended periods of time

- move himself in his walker (only a few feet right now, he mostly started doing this today!)


Louis likes:

- playing with toys - especially wooden or plastic ones that can be chewed on

- food!

- leaning around Mama while on her back, so he can see what's happening!


Louis feels neutral about:

- his carseat

- taking baths in the big bath tub


Louis dislikes:

- being sick

- cutting teeth

- bonking his head on the floor


I thought we might have a crawler by this month, but, so far, we don't! I'm sure that being sick for a week has slowed down his physical progress a little bit.

This week I discovered that Louis' top two teeth were starting to come in. He couldn't JUST be sick, of course. He had to be sick and teething. Well, I looked again this morning and realized that two additional bottom teeth had barely poked their way through. The poor child was sick and cutting four teeth at once!

Louis loves eating independently. Just this week he ate tomato, ham, carrot, chicken, cauliflower, pinto beans and kale. He's yet to find a food he doesn't like!

Louis has become very interactive. He loves getting the attention of Chance, Nasko, and even Allen! Watch out Allen! You're only safe for a little while longer. Louis is getting even closer to being on the move.

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