Be Jesus

We can be Christ to EVERYONE we meet. The following news story came across my Facebook feed, and it reminded me of that fact.

Lincoln Waitress Receives Tip of a Lifetime

I have to brag for a minute — my husband could have easily been that Cracker Barrel patron.

Chance has taught me to treat restaurant servers differently.

Here is just one brief example of the love and compassion he regularly shows to the people who are supposed to be serving him:

Once, a pizza place royally messed up our order. Because of the mistake, Chance, Nasko and I waited for an hour before we were given any food. Our waitress was so apologetic, despite it not being her fault. She convinced the manager to give us all our money back, even though she would lose her tip.

I, personally, was counting my blessings and putting the money back into our "restaurant" budget envelope. I figured we'd be able to afford an extra meal out that month - great!

Chance, however, suggested that we leave every penny of the money as a tip.

He convinced me and we left a note and told her to split the cash with the cook who ruined our order. Despite reading the note, she chased us out to the parking lot with questions. She could not believe that we'd never even acted angry about our delayed dinner.

She was completely baffled as to why anyone would extend such grace.

Serve those who were supposed to serve you.

Be Jesus, friends.

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