Louis Is (Was) Six Months Old!

Happy six month birthday, little Louie! (Ahem. One week ago.) IMG_1731

This month, Louis can:

- go from sitting to tummy

- stand and jump with slight support

- scoot on his belly (mostly unintentional at this point!)

- reach for Mama or Taty when he is being handed off between the two

- eat solid foods!

- yell in order to keep himself awake (some skills aren't for celebrating)


Louis likes:

- playing on his belly

- attempting to say "hi!"

- watching Nasko run around and act crazy (no shortage of that happening here!)

- screeching in attempt to gain attention (especially from the dog)

- sitting upright - apparently only babies lie down. He's a big boy now!

- snuggling at night with Mama while he's teething


Louis feels neutral about:

- his carseat


Louis dislikes:

- being stuck on his belly

- getting passed around from person to person (if only he weren't so cute!)

- being away from Mama or Taty


I think our days are numbered... Despite the fact that Louis doesn't really roll over, it won't be that long until he crawls. He's got the idea of being on his belly figured out, and sometimes he ends up on his knees. I'm just thanking The Lord Jesus for this Christmas of not having to worry about the Christmas tree and lights. I anticipate next Christmas being a different story...

Multiple times, we've heard Louis say something that sounds like "hi" when he first wakes up and peeks over his crib in the morning, or when we open a curtain or door. It won't be long until he's talking up a storm like his big brother!


Louis has been acting like he's teething for a few days now. I keep checking, but no new developments in his mouth! A couple friends have been sharing their teething stories, and I can report that we've had it easy thus far. Louis mostly just gets clingy and whiney. We just give him extra snuggles and he's pretty content!

I'm not ready to say that Louis likes his carseat yet, but I can say that he's tolerating it much better! He has actually fallen asleep in it more than a handful of times (which I could not say for the first five months of his life!) If we play music, and his belly is full, he falls asleep more often than not now. Hooray!


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