Happy Halloween!






2013 Halloween Memories20131101-065227.jpg

-Nasko plugging his nose through the entire pumpkin carving experience




-Chance using power tools to carve the pumpkin (this is not exclusive to 2013... he does it every year!)


-Asking Nasko to draw a jack-o-lantern face on the pumpkin so we could carve it

-Nasko drawing a microscopic face that could not be carved unless using a laser


-Nasko not caring that his pumpkin couldn't be carved!



(Do you see the eyes, nose, and mouth that he drew?!  He did a great job!)


-Finally getting our money's worth out of a pacifier we bought for Louis

-Nasko believing that he had to dress as a turtle because he was a turtle last year

-Nasko deciding that he wanted to be a chicken (he couldn't choose something with a pre-made costume!)


-Mama spending ridiculous amounts of time sewing feathers and felt pieces onto clothing to make chicken costumes



-Feathers covering everything in our home for a week

-Feathers making Mama's black list (along with glitter... you're familiar with my hatred of glitter, right?)


-Having a practice-run with the Halloween costumes the night before

-Realizing that Louis' costume was NOT going to work

-Feathers also making Louis' black list


-Spending Halloween day working on adapting Louis' costume using a woven wrap (thanks to my cousin Lauren for this idea!)


-The Reverend refusing to wear his work boots because they were in the garage and were cold (worst farmer ever...)


-Watching Nasko bawk like a chicken all evening


-LOTS and LOTS of laughs

We had the most laughs last night when we came home from trick-or-treating.  We arrived about 45 minutes before the town trick-or-treating ended, so we flipped on our porch light and asked Nasko to pick a few pieces of his candy that he wouldn't mind sharing.  (Since he mostly only gets excited about the Kit-Kats, this wasn't too much of a sacrifice.)  A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door; a couple princesses had arrived!

Something you must understand is that we spend lots of time rehearsing social situations in our home; we had pretended to go trick-or-treating a few different times this past week.  We practiced saying "Trick-or-Treat!" and "Thank you!"  We remembered that it is rude to take more than one piece of candy.  We also threw in (for good measure) that it is weird to smell people or to ask to touch their hair or run into their homes without being invited.

What we did not practice, however, was what to do when trick-or-treaters arrive at YOUR house.


Nasko heard the princesses knocking, and he went to the door.  Instead of opening it though, he peered through the glass and tried to figure out what on earth they were doing.  He then decided it would be appropriate to knock back at them.  These damsels in distress should have left at that moment...

After some direction, Nasko finally opened the door.  Next, he threw his head back and shouted "Trick-or-Treat!"  The girls, who had probably also practiced their lines and their etiquette, looked very frightened and stood on our doorstep totally frozen in silence.  At that point, Chance and I joined Nasko at the door and encouraged him to tone it down a bit...

Chance grabbed the candy bowl, and I commented on how beautiful the girls looked.  Nasko joined in on the complements and walked right up to the older girl (maybe four years old - at the most) and began sweetly rubbing her cheek.  That would have been swell, but the poor girl looked like she might burst into tears at any second.

Chance asked Nasko to share his candy, so as he placed multiple pieces into the girls' bags (we didn't stop him, these girls earned every piece), he exclaimed, "Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!" and then slammed the door very quickly, without another word.

I suppose we have our work cut out for next year... Just as long as he doesn't want to be another animal with feathers...

Happy Halloween!




Louis is Five Months!

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