Wear All The Babies!

Last week was International Babywearing Week! 20131011-104629.jpg I bet you had no idea there even was such a thing!

I didn't either until recently.

I've had lots of people ask me about "wearing" Louis and all my different wraps and carriers, so I decided it must be time to do a post about it!

(These pictures were posted in chronological order - not only can you track Louis' growth, you can see my weight loss after pregnancy.)


I started wearing Louis when he was just a few days old. Two days after coming home from the hospital, Louis, my mom, and I ventured out to Walmart and Five Guys. Louis slept the entire time in the Moby Wrap.


I also worn him to church in a woven wrap when he was one week old. This wrap is a Girasol Zunil (in case anyone is keeping up!). I received it from Chance and Nasko for the Mother's Day before Louis was born.

Oh, who am I kidding? I picked it out and bought it for myself on Mother's Day... Chance just approved the purchase.


Chance has even worn Louis in the Zunil some! (the above picture contains so much ridiculousness that I don't even want to discuss it...)


Babywearing made it possible for me to go on Nasko's summer school zoo field trip. Louis was two weeks old. I wrapped him up in the parking lot before the buses arrived, and nursed him using the wrap as a cover while all the kids were eating their snacks.



We used the Moby quite a bit when Louis was a newborn. This wrap (commonly referred to as the gateway drug of babywearing) is made of a stretchy material. It's great for helping to learn and practice the carrying techniques, but it is limited because bigger babies cause the fabric to sag and stretch, making it less comfortable to wear. Because it is stretchy, it's also not safe for back carries.


This next picture is Chance's buckle carrier (Infantino Union). We bought it on sale at TJMax for Father's Day! It's less involved and quick to put on. Louis has not yet found a deep love for it though.

20131011-104842.jpg Nasko and his bear love it though!


There are lots of different ways to wrap and tie a Moby or a woven wrap.

If you scroll back up, you can see that this way of tying the Moby is different from the way I tied it when Louis had his first (but not last) trip to Five Guys.

Different carries do different things; some are better for newborns (head support) and some are better for older kids (arms out and free). Some carries place the child on your hip or back, in order to free the space in front of you.

I learned (and am still learning) most of the different ties and carries from YouTube. My favorite instructor is BabywearingFaith. She uses woven wraps and gives step-by-step instructions on how to safely carry your baby.

And her voice isn't as annoying as others'.


Wrapping takes practice. These couple pictures cause me to cringe because I'm a more capable and confident wrapper now, and will you just look at that cockeyed baby dangling there?!

Two major rules of babywearing (both of which were broken in these pictures):

1. Baby's knees should be higher than his bum; To prevent conditions such as hip dysplasia, the baby's legs should be in an M position.

2. Baby's head should be a kissable distance away. When he is on the front, I should be able to easily kiss the top of his head. I should not have to strain and bend to reach him. This will keep him high and secure while not placing too much strain on my back.



Practice makes perfect:

20131011-105009.jpg (And audiences never help... Especially when it's your very critical brother.)


We wear all the babies in our home!


Back carries can be done when babies start to develop some head control. I started doing them when Louis was six weeks old.

They also have a learning curve. I started them by using my Infantino Mei Tai (which I never did find the love for - but I believe it is better for older babies.)

Babies on your back should be able to breathe on the back of your neck.

Ahem. Learning curve.


Not only will babies breathe on the back of your neck, they will also drool on it, spit up on it, and use it as a pillow.

Woven wraps come in different lengths. My Zunil and the Moby were long wraps (size 6 and size 7).

I eventually got the hang of the Babywearing Swap Facebook Page (all the abbreviations are like reading another language...) and I started buying, selling, and trading my wraps.



This one is a Natibaby Giraffes.  It is shorter - a size three.




Off of the swap, I also bought this Girasol Aurora (size 2).  It's very short!



Chance recently wore Louis to the farmers market in Springfield...



... and I met THE Jen Hatmaker.  (She kissed Louis' sweet head.)



The newest items I've traded on the swap are the 1975 Old Standard Didymos (size 2)...



...and the size four Girasol Summer Sun (which is my current favorite wrap!)






I hope to be able to wear Louis for a long time, but my goodness, that kid needs to slow down his weight gain!  :-)



To learn more about the benefits of babywearing, check out this article.20131011-105344.jpg



As you can see, babywearing has become a passion and a hobby for me, but it has also benefitted Louis.

Happy (belated) International Babywearing Week - where we celebrate the wearing of all the babies!

Happy Halloween!

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