Louis - Four Months

Happy four month birthday, little Louie! 20131002-210938.jpg

This month, Louis can:

- smile and laugh appropriately when tickled or interacted with

- grab his feet and bring them towards his face (not sure why he'd want to, but he can!)

- purposefully grab toys and bring them to his mouth

- bear most of his weight in the standing position

- blow raspberries (he started doing this TODAY!)


Louis likes:

- being rocked before bed (this is a new development! No more walking laps!)

- being a flirt. People from church (or wherever) will approach him and talk to him. He shyly buries his face in my chest.

- chewing on everything that's not bolted down

- watching and touching Allen (our dog)

- sucking on his fist

- standing up "so big!"


Louis dislikes:

- his carseat


Louis seems to be in the midst of another growth spurt. He's already close to outgrowing 6-9 month clothing, so if he'd lay off the growing for a bit, that'd be ok! He's not sleeping quite as well because he wants to eat more, but I cannot complain too much.

Louis is becoming more interactive all the time. It's fun to watch him make discoveries, follow moving objects with his eyes, and react with appropriate facial expressions.

I'm excited for Louis' fifth month because of the larger number of toy possibilities. He's now old enough to use his Johnny Jumper (got it out today!). It's always nice to have another option of places to put him when I need to get things done. Of all the places he can go though, he still prefers to be "worn" on my back!


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