Apple Orchard Field Trip

We learned about apples this week for Nasko's homeschooling; I'll post more on those lesson plans later. Today though, we took a field trip to an apple orchard near Carlinville, IL.

This week, in preparation for our trip, we read a few books about orchards and picking apples. The kids in one of the books got to ride on a tractor, so Nasko naturally assumed he'd be able to ride a tractor as well! (Actually, he mentioned driving the tractor...) Once we got past the fact that we weren't going to be using a tractor today, we had lots of fun.




20131004-224117.jpg Nasko thought that the scarecrow needed a hug!


20131004-224341.jpg This is the apple that Nasko picked from the tree!



20131004-230105.jpg Louis was obviously interested in learning lots about apples and pumpkins!


20131004-230527.jpg Chance's mom and aunt joined in on the field trip fun!

20131004-230729.jpg And at the end of the day, Nasko's favorite part was feeding the goats - despite all I did to educate him about apples! Obviously next week we should learn about goats!

Wear All The Babies!

Louis - Four Months