What's in a name?

Screen shot 2013-09-15 at 4.15.12 PM Theme: Name

We spent the week studying Nasko's name.

Art: Water Color Name Find

(Best way to start a post EVER)

We didn't do this!  Who knew that white crayons are next-to-impossible to find?!  We'll try again a different week!  (And until then, I am accepting donations for white crayons!)

Original Idea Credit (#2)

Bible: Joseph

Nasko's class at church is learning all about Joseph, so we continued the learning at home and read that story from his bible.  We briefly discussed Joseph's name.

Cooking: Spaghetti-O's (ABC)

I wanted to make homemade alphabet soup, but I could not find any uncooked ABC noodles.  My mom discovered these Spaghetti-O's, so we went with that instead!


Nasko ACTUALLY liked them!  Hurray!

He thought it was pretty neat that we were able to spell his name with his food.


Dramatic Play:

This is the area of homeschooling where I need improvement.  We played lots of hospital again this week though.  It's not that we aren't playing, it's just not very structured - and maybe that's ok for right now!

Field Trip: Southwind Park

We loaded up the boys (my kids and my best friend Sarah's kids) and went to Southwind Park in Springfield.  It is an awesome park, and the splash fountain was perfect for one of the last hot days of the year.



(You do not understand the feat it is to get all five boys into one photo!)


Nasko's favorite part was feeding the ducks and geese.


Mama (always the educator) brought chalk to the park as well.  I wrote Nasko's name, and asked him to trace it with a wet paint brush.

20130913-154640.jpg 20130913-154704.jpg


Literacy: Bottle Cap Matching and Cars Name Spell

Neither of these two activities were new, as I had made them this summer, but they were still good practice for learning to spell his name!


Original Idea Credit (#6)



This game was made from an old gift bag.

Math: What Letter is Missing?

I used some stamps, cardstock, and paint to make these cards.  Nasko and Taty did this activity and worked to see which letter had been taken away.

20130913-154734.jpg 20130915-160102.jpg 20130915-160119.jpg

Memory Verse: Psalm 139:14

Same as last week!  Still working on it.

Music: N-A-S-K-O

When Nasko first came home, we began singing this song to the tune of BINGO:

"There is a boy we love very much and Nasko is his name-o.




And Nasko is his name-o."

We actually had to place less emphasis on the song that I originally anticipated because Nasko slurs the letters together and does not actually spell his name.

Reading: ABC Books

This week taught us that Nasko's attention span is not quite long enough for reading two ABC books in a row.  They are usually pretty long!  We'll keep trying!

Here's what we actually read (despite the fact that we own quite a few more ABC books):

Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom - Bill Martin

Alphabeep - Debora Pearson (Nasko loved this one)

Who Took The Cookie From The Cookie Jar?

[Funny story about the "Who Took The Cookie?" book:  This song is hard to sing and teach all by yourself.  I (brilliantly) decided to look it up on YouTube so that Nasko could see it demonstrated conversationally.  I had not previewed the video, but it looked cute and cartoon-y, so I wasn't worried about watching it with him.  It went through the first verse and I thought to myself, "This is really well-done.  I'll have to 'favorite' this video."  Then, the second verse started.

"Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?"

"Joe took the cookie from the cookie jar."

"Who me?"

"Yes you."

"Aww F^&$!..."

And that was when Mama hit "pause" faster than any human has hit pause before.  This wonderful teaching moment was brought to you by "I'm-unprepared-so-let's-learn-together" Mama.  Thank you.]

Sensory: Kool-aid Name Writing

Nasko smells EVERYTHING.  Because of this fact (which is no exaggeration) we used stinky kool-aid to write Nasko's name.  He traced his name in glue and then dumped on the kool-aid like it was glitter.  The project didn't look very pretty, but its smell was potent!  Nasko liked that.

20130913-154816.jpg 20130913-154829.jpg

Speech: How do you spell your name?

Nasko can verbally spell his name!  This is HUGE for him!

Actually, when you ask him, he first responds with "seven" (his age), but with prompting, he remembers how to spell his name without seeing it in print!

He can even identify the N, A, S, and O when asked.  He found them on the side of this bus last week:


He doesn't quite have the 'K' mastered yet, but I am so proud of his progress in just one short week!



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